Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
6 January 2012
Reason for listing: 

Mohammad Aman Akhund was listed on 6 January 2012 pursuant to paragraph 3 of resolution 1988 (2011) as being associated with the Taliban for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of” and “otherwise supporting acts or activities of those designated and other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with the Taliban” in constituting a threat to the peace, stability and security of Afghanistan.

Additional information: 

Mohammad Aman Akhund is a senior Taliban member who performs finance-related duties and has acted as Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar's (TAi.004) secretary. In early 2010, Aman Akhund and Gul Agha Ishakzai (TAi.147), the head of the Taliban financial commission, collected over $300,000 in the Gulf on behalf of the Taliban military leadership. Aman Akhund has attended senior-level Taliban meetings, where he delivered oral and written messages from Mullah Omar.

Aman Akhund has also provided logistical support to Taliban operations and has been involved in collecting money from the drug trade in order to buy weapons for the Taliban. During the Taliban regime, Aman Akhund was a member of Mullah Omar's shura.