Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
7 June 2018
Reason for listing: 

Listed pursuant to paragraph 22(a) of resolution 1970 (2011); paragraph 4(a) of resolution 2174 (2014); paragraph 11(a) of resolution 2213 (2015).

Additional information: 

Mus’ab Abu-Qarin is seen as a central actor in human trafficking and migrant smuggling activities in the area of Sabratha, but also works from Zawiya and Garibulli. His transnational network covers Libya, European destinations, sub-Saharan countries for the recruitment of migrants and Arab countries for the financial sector. Reliable sources have documented his collusion in human trafficking and smuggling with Ermias Ghermay, who takes care of the ‘Eastern supply chain’ on behalf of Abu-Qarin. There is evidence that Abu-Qarin has cultivated relationships with other actors in the trafficking business, notably Mohammed Kachlaf (cousin and head of the al-Nasr brigade, also proposed for listing) in Zawiya. A former accomplice of Abu-Qarin, who is now cooperating with the Libyan authorities, claims that Abu-Qarin organised journeys over sea for 45,000 people in 2015 alone, exposing migrants (including minors) to the risk of death. Abu-Qarin is the organiser of a journey on 18 April 2015 ending in a shipwrecking in the Sicilian Canal that caused the death of 800 people. Evidence, including from the UN Panel of Experts, documents that he is responsible for the detention of migrants under brutal conditions, including in Tripoli near the al-Wadi area and seaside resorts near Sabratha where migrants are held. Abu-Qarin is reported to have been close to the al-Dabbashi clan in Sabratha, until a conflict broke out over a ‘protection tax’. Sources have reported that Abu-Qarin has paid persons close to violent extremists in the Sabratha area, in exchange for the approval to smuggle migrants on behalf of violent extremist circles, that financially benefit from the exploitation of illegal immigration. Abu-Qarin is connected to a network of smugglers composed of Salafi armed groups in Tripoli, Sebha and Kufra.