Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
7 June 2018
Reason for listing: 

Listed pursuant to paragraph 22(a) of resolution 1970 (2011); paragraph 4(a) of resolution 2174 (2014); paragraph 11(a) of resolution 2213 (2015).

Additional information: 

Fitiwi Abdelrazak is a leader of a transnational network responsible for trafficking and smuggling tens of thousands of migrants, mainly from the Horn of Africa to the coast of Libya and onwards to destination countries in Europe and the United States. Fitiwi Abdelrazak has been identified in open sources and in several criminal investigations as one of the top-level actors responsible for the exploitation and abuse of a large number of migrants in Libya. Abdelrazak has extensive contacts within Libyan smuggling networks and has accumulated immense wealth through the illicit trafficking of migrants. He has armed men at his disposal, as well as warehouses and detention camps where serious human rights abuses are being committed. His network is composed of cells reaching from Sudan, Libya, Italy and onwards to destination countries for migrants. Migrants in his camps are also bought from other parties, such as other local detention facilities. From these camps, migrants are transported to the Libyan coast. Abdelrazak has organised countless perilous maritime journeys, exposing migrants (including minors) to the risk of death. Abdelrazak is linked to at least two shipwrecks with fatal consequences between April 2014 and July 2014.