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12 June 2009

Expands measures related to arms’ exports and imports to all arms and related material (except import of small arms and light weapons and their related materiel).

Calls upon Member States to prevent provision of financial services or transfer of financial resources that could contribute to prohibited programmes/activities. States to report on inspections, seizures and disposals, as well as the sale, supply or transfer of small arms or light weapons, among others.

Establishes a Panel of Experts, consisting of seven members to assist the 1718 Committee.

14 October 2006

Establishment of a Security Council Sanctions Committee (1718 Committee).

Imposition of an arms embargo, assets freeze and travel ban on persons involved in the DPRK’s nuclear programme, and a ban on a range of imports and exports, to prohibit the DPRK from conducting nuclear tests or launching ballistic missiles.