Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
29 October 2014
Reason for listing: 

Elhassan was listed on 25 April 2006 by paragraph 1 of resolution 1672 (2006) as “Commander of the Western Military Region for the Sudanese Armed Forces”.

Additional information: 

The Panel of Experts report that Major-General Gaffar Mohammed Elhassan stated to them that he had direct operational command (primarily tactical command) of all elements of the SAF in Darfur while he was in command of the Western Military Region. Elhassan held this position as Western Military Area Commander from November 2004 (approx.) – early 2006. The Panel’s information is that Elhassan was responsible for violations of paragraph 7 of SCR 1591 as by virtue of this position he requested (from Khartoum) and authorized (since 29 March 2005) the transfer of military equipment into Darfur without the prior approval of the 1591 Committee. Elhassan himself admitted to the Panel of Experts that aircraft, aircraft engines and other military equipment had been brought into Darfur from other parts of Sudan between 29 March 2005 and December 2005. For example he informed the Panel that 2 Mi-24 attack helicopters were brought unauthorized into Darfur between 18 and 21 September 2005. There are also reasonable grounds to believe that Elhassan was directly responsible, as Western Military Area Commander, for authorizing offensive military flights in the area around Abu Hamra, 23-24 July 2005 and in the Jebel Moon area of Western Darfur, on 19 November 2005. Mi-24 attack helicopters were involved in both operations and reportedly opened fire on both occasions. The Panel of Experts report that Elhassan indicated to the Panel that he himself approved requests for air support and other air operations in his capacity as Western Military Area Commander. (See Panel of Experts report, S/2006/65, paragraphs 266-269.) Through such actions Major-General Gaffar Mohammed Elhassan has breached relevant provisions of SCR 1591 and therefore meets the criteria to be designated by the Committee to be subjected to sanctions.