Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
12 March 2012
Date(s) on which the narrative summary was updated: 
3 February 2015
Reason for listing: 

Mochammad Achwan was listed on 12 March 2012 pursuant to paragraphs 4 of resolution 1989 (2011) as being associated with Al-Qaida for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of” or “otherwise supporting acts or activities of” Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) (QDe.133) and Jemaah Islamiyah (QDe.092).

Additional information: 

Mochammad Achwan is the acting leader of Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) (QDe.133), an Indonesia-based militant group. In August 2010, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir (QDi.217), a leading figure in JAT and Jemaah Islamiyah (QDe.092), appointed Achwan as acting and supreme leader of JAT. Achwan had served on JAT’s executive council since 2008.

Achwan has performed a number of leadership duties in JAT, overseeing the allocation of funds and promoting its terrorist training, recruitment, and operations. In May 2011, Achwan hosted a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, to discuss JAT’s financial status and methods for finding new revenue sources and donations. Later, in June of 2011, Achwan requested that certain JAT funds be given to senior Jemaah Islamiyah network leader and Al-Qaida (QDe.004) operative Abdul Rahim Ba’asyir (QDi.293).

In late 2010, Achwan inducted new JAT recruits and instructed its members to participate in physical training to prepare for acts of violence. Also in late 2010, Achwan directed paramilitary training in Poso, Indonesia, with another Jemaah Islamiyah and JAT member. In November 2010, Achwan instructed JAT’s “Laskar 99” (a special JAT unit involved in weapons training) to unconditionally support violent activities throughout the world, and informed them about weapons available to members with the requisite training.

In an August 2010 Indonesian press interview, Achwan said he had no intention of giving up his “obligation” to wage violence, and he condoned the use of violence against the Indonesian police’s anti-terrorism squad Detachment 88. Achwan also praised Jemaah Islamiyah militants Dulmatin (deceased) and Imam Samudra (executed in 2008 for his role in the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people).

In 2009 or 2010, Achwan provided funding for a camp in Aceh, Indonesia which gathered militants from various regional groups under the leadership of Jemaah Islamiyah operative Dulmatin. The militants, using the name “Al-Qaida in Aceh,” plotted to kill aid workers and tourists. Elements of Jemaah Islamiyah and several other groups organized the Aceh camp’s military training, and several leading Jemaah Islamiyah figures were involved with the camp between January 2009 and February 2010.

As of 2007, Achwan was a leader of Jemaah Islamiyah in Eastern Java, Indonesia. Then-Jemaah Islamiyah leader Abu Bakar Ba’asyir tasked Achwan with establishing a logistical hub for Jemaah Islamiyah to plan and prepare attacks.