Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1737 (2006)

S/RES/1929 (2010)

Establishes a Panel of Experts consisting of eight members to assist the 1737 Committee; decides that Iran shall not acquire an interest in any commercial activity in another State involving uranium mining, production or use of nuclear materials and technology as listed in the UN approved export control list, in particular uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities, all heavy-water activities or technology related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons;decides that States are prohibited from direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to Iran of heavy conventional w


S/RES/1737 (2006)

Establishes a Security Council Sanctions Committee (1737 Committee); imposes sanctions on Iran for failing to stop its uranium enrichment programme following resolution 1696 (2006);  imposes a ban the supply of nuclear-related technology and materials and imposes  assets freeze on key individuals and companies related to the enrichment programme.