S/RES/2371 (2017)

Introduces a full ban on coal, iron and iron ore, and adds lead and lead ore to the banned commodities subject to sectoral sanctions.

Authorizes the 1718 Committee to designate vessels related to activities prohibited by relevant resolutions, and prohibits port calls by designated vessels and chartering of DPRK flagged vessels.

Bans the hiring and paying of additional DPRK laborers used to generate foreign export earnings.

Prohibits the export by the DPRK of seafood (including fish, crustaceans, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates in all forms).

Expands financial sanctions by prohibiting new or expanded joint ventures and cooperative commercial entities with the DPRK and clarifies that companies performing financial services are considered financial institutions for the purpose of implementing the relevant sanctions measures, and that paragraph 11 of resolution 2094 (2013) also applies to clearing funds through Member States’ territories.

Prohibits the deployment and use of chemical weapons and calls for DPRK’s accession to the CWC.

Directs the 1718 Committee to develop appropriate arrangements with INTERPOL to issue Special Notices.

Directs the 1718 Committee to designate additional WMD-related and conventional arms-related items.

Designates additional 9 individuals and 4 entities and provides updated information on 2 previously designated individuals.

Resolution number: 
S/RES/2371 (2017)
Resolution Date: 
05 August 2017