S/RES/2293 (2016)

Renews the measures on arms, transport, finance and travel imposed by resolution 1807 (2008) until 1 July 2017, and extends the mandate of the Group of Experts until 1 August 2017. Reaffirms that according to paragraph 2 of resolution 1807 (2008), the measures no longer apply to the transfer of arms and related materiel to the Government of the DRC. Calls upon all States, especially those in the region, to take effective steps to ensure that there is no support, in or from their territories, for armed groups in, or travelling through, the DRC. Welcomes the measures taken by the Governments in the region to implement the Group of Experts due diligence guidelines and encourages all States to continue efforts to end the illicit trade in natural resources, in particular in the gold sector, and to hold those complicit in the illicit trade accountable. Recalls the mandate of MONUSCO to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo, encourages timely information exchange between MONUSCO and the Group of Experts, and requests MONUSCO to assist the Committee and the Group of Experts, within its capabilities.

Resolution number: 
Resolution Date: 
23 June 2016