S/RES/2270 (2016)

Expands arms embargo and non-proliferation measures, including small arms and light weapons, catch-all provisions to ban any item if related to prohibited programmes, dual-use nuclear/missile items, and operational capabilities of DPRK’s and another Member States’ armed forces.  

Enforces new cargo inspection and maritime procedures, including mandatory inspection on cargo destined to and originating from the DPRK; ban on DPRK chartering of vessels and aircraft; ban on operating DPRK vessels or using DPRK flags; ban on flights (of any plane) or port calls (of any vessel) if related to prohibited items, prohibited activities, and designated persons or entities.  

Expands financial measures, including an assets freeze on Government of the DPRK and its Workers’ Party entities associated with prohibited programmes and activities; clarifies that assets freeze includes vessels; prohibits DPRK banks from opening new branches; requires States to close existing DPRK bank branches in their territories; prohibits Member States from opening branches in the DPRK; requires States to close existing offices in the DPRK if related to prohibited programmes or sanctions violations.

Enforces sectoral sanctions (coal, minerals and fuel ban) and prohibits its procurement and/or transfer by Member States. Adds new items to the luxury goods ban.

Clarifies ban on hosting of DPRK trainers, advisors or other officials for police, paramilitary and military training; Ban on specialized training or teaching for DPRK nationals in specific fields that could contribute to the DPRK’s proliferation-sensitive activities. 

Requires Member States to expel DPRK diplomats and foreign nationals involved in illicit activities. 

Designates additional 16 individuals and 12 entities.

OMM vessels are subject to the assets freeze. Of the 31 vessels listed in Annex III of resolution 2270 (2016), 4 were removed by the Committee by its decision of 21 March 2016 (Security Council press release SC/12296) and an additional 5 were removed by the Committee by its decision of 17 December 2016 (Security Council press release SC/12636.

Resolution number: 
Resolution Date: 
02 March 2016