S/RES/2136 (2014)

Renews the measures on arms, transport, finance and travel imposed by resolution 1807 (2008), and extends the mandate of the Group of Experts until 1 February 2015. Reaffirms the provisions referred to in paragraph 4 of resolution 1857, and renews the exemptions set out in paragraph 10 of resolution 2078 (2012). Calls upon all states to ensure that there is no support in and from their territories for the armed groups operating in eastern DRC; and to take steps against leaders of armed groups residing in their countries. Demands that the DRC accelerate the implementation of its DDR programme and follow through on the action plan on the recruitment of child soldiers. Encourages MONUSCO to assist the DRC in actively seeking to hold accountable those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Calls on the DRC to enhance stockpile security of arms and ammunition. Recalls the mandate of MONUSCO to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo, and requests MONUSCO to assist the Committee and the Group of Experts within its capabilities. Emphasizes the primary responsibility of the DRC Government to reinforce State authority and governance. Welcomes measures taken by the Governments in the region to implement the due diligence guidelines. Reiterates its call to the DRC and states in the region to strengthen their control on exports and imports of minerals from the DRC and to cooperate to combat the illegal exploitation of natural resources. Expresses its full support to Group of Experts.

Resolution number: 
Resolution Date: 
30 January 2014