S/RES/2078 (2012)

Renews until 1 February 2014 the measures on arms, transport, finance and travel imposed by
resolution 1807 (2008), and reaffirms the provisions of paragraphs 10 and 12 of that resolution regarding the individuals and entities referred to in paragraph 4 of resolution 1857. Decides that the financial and travel measures shall apply to the individuals, and, as appropriate, entities acting in violation of the measures on arms, transport, and finance; to political and military leaders of foreign armed groups operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who impede the disarmament and the voluntary repatriation of their combatants; to political and military leaders of Congolese militias receiving support from outside the DRC, who impede the participation of their combatants in DDR processes, and recruiting or using children in armed conflict; to individuals or entities committing serious violations involving the targeting of children or women in situations of armed conflict; obstructing the access to or the distribution of humanitarian assistance, supporting armed groups through illicit trade of natural resources; and acting on behalf of or at the direction of a designated individual or entity owned or controlled by a designated individual. Extends until 1 February 2014 the mandate of the Group of Experts. Expresses deep concern at reports indicating that external support continues to be provided to the M23. Reiterates its demand that any and all outside support cease immediately, and its call on the ICGLR to monitor and inquire into reports of outside support to the M23. Welcomes the measures taken by the Congolese Government to implement the due diligence guidelines, and calls on all States to assist in their implementation. Expresses its full support to the Group of Experts, and reiterates its demand that all parties and all States ensure the safety of its members and its support staff.

Resolution number: 
Resolution Date: 
28 November 2012