S/RES/2021 (2011)

Renews until 30 November 2012 the measures on arms and transport, as well as the financial and travel measures imposed by resolution 1807 (2008), and reaffirms the provisions of paragraphs 10 and 12 of that resolution regarding the individuals and entities referred to in paragraph 4 of resolution 1857 (2008). Extends the mandate of the Group of Experts until 30 November 2012 and reaffirms paragraphs 6 to 13 of resolution 1952 (2010) regarding the United Nations Group of Experts due diligence guidelines for importers, processing industries and consumers of Congolese minerals. Requests the Group of Experts to evaluate the impact of the due diligence guidelines including assessing economic and social development in relevant mining areas. Encourages all States to continue to raise awareness of the due diligence guidelines referred to above, in particular in the gold sector. Encourages the Government of the DRC to urgently implement a national weapons marking program and continue to address the underlying issue of the cohesion of the national Army, including by further ensuring proper integration and vetting of former armed groups, particularly the CNDP. Stresses the importance of the Government holding accountable those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the country and regional cooperation to this end. Decides that it shall review measures set forth in this resolution no later than 30 November 2012, with a view to adjusting them, as appropriate, in light of the security situation in the DRC.

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Resolution Date: 
29 November 2011