S/RES/1896 (2009)

Renews the arms embargo, previously imposed by paragraph 1 of resolution 1857 (2008), on all non-governmental entities and individuals operating in the territory of the DRC until 30 November 2010. Renews the measures on aviation and customs, as well as the travel ban and assets freeze on individuals and entities pursuant to the designation criteria set out in paragraph 4a to 4g of resolution 1857 (2008) which apply also to individuals obstructing the access to, or the distribution of, humanitarian assistance in eastern DRC, as well as individuals or entities supporting illegal armed groups in eastern DRC through illicit trade of natural resources. Extends the mandate of the Group of Experts for a period ending on 30 November 2010 and requests the Group of Experts to report to the Council in writing, through the Committee, by 21 May 2010 and again before 20 October 2010. Mandates the Group of Experts to produce, taking into account paragraph 4 (g) of resolution 1857 (2008), drawing inter alia on their reports and taking advantage of work done in other forums, recommendations to the Committee for guidelines for the exercise of due diligence by the importers, processing industries and consumers of mineral products regarding the purchase, sourcing, acquisition and processing of mineral products from the DRC.

Resolution number: 
Resolution Date: 
30 November 2009