Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 2000

S/RES/1334 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1333 (2000) Afghanistan
S/RES/1332 (2000) Democratic Republic of the Congo
S/RES/1331 2000) Cyprus
S/RES/1330 (2000) Iraq and Kuwait
S/RES/1329 (2000) International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)
S/RES/1328 (2000) Middle East
S/RES/1327 (2000) Implementation of the report of the Panel on United Nations Peace Operations (S/2000/809)
S/RES/1326 (2000) Admission of new Members
S/RES/1325 (2000) Women and Peace and Security
S/RES/1324 (2000) Western Sahara
S/RES/1323 (2000) Democratic Republic of the Congo
S/RES/1322 (2000) Middle East, including the Palestinian question
S/RES/1321 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1320 (2000) Eritrea and Ethiopia
S/RES/1319 (2000) East Timor
S/RES/1318 (2000) Effective role for the Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security, particularly in Africa
S/RES/1317 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1316 (2000) Democratic Republic of the Congo
S/RES/1315 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1314 (2000) Children and Armed Conflict
S/RES/1313 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1312 (2000) Eritrea and Ethiopia
S/RES/1311 (2000) Georgia
S/RES/1310 (2000) Middle East
S/RES/1309 (2000) Western Sahara
S/RES/1308 (2000) HIV/AIDS and International Peacekeeping Operations
S/RES/1307 (2000) Croatia
S/RES/1306 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1305 (2000) Bosnia and Herzegovina
S/RES/1304 (2000) Democratic Republic of the Congo
S/RES/1303 (2000) Cyprus
S/RES/1302 (2000) Iraq and Kuwait
S/RES/1301 (2000) Western Sahara
S/RES/1300 (2000) Middle East
S/RES/1299 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1298 (2000) Eritrea and Ethiopia
S/RES/1297 (2000) Eritrea and Ethiopia
S/RES/1296 (2000) Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict
S/RES/1295 (2000) Angola
S/RES/1294 (2000) Angola
S/RES/1293 (2000) Iraq and Kuwait
S/RES/1292 (2000) Western Sahara
S/RES/1291 (2000) Democratic Republic of the Congo
S/RES/1290 (2000) Admission of a new Member: Tuvalu
S/RES/1289 (2000) Sierra Leone
S/RES/1288 (2000) Midlle East
S/RES/1287 (2000) Georgia
S/RES/1286 (2000) Burundi
S/RES/1285 (2000) Croatia