Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1969

S/RES/275 (1969) Complaint by Guinea
S/RES/274 (1969) The Cyprus Question
S/RES/273 (1969) Complaints by Senegal
S/RES/272 (1969) International Court of Justice
S/RES/271 (1969) Middle East
S/RES/270 (1969) Middle East
S/RES/269 (1969) Namibia
S/RES/268 (1969) Complaint by Zambia
S/RES/267 (1969) Middle East
S/RES/266 (1969) The Cyprus Question
S/RES/265 (1969) Middle East
S/RES/264 (1969) The Situation in Namibia
S/RES/263 (1969) Working languages of the Security Council