Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1946

S/RES/15 (1946) The Greek Question
S/RES/14 (1946) Procedure
S/RES/13 (1946) Admission of New Members to the UN: Siam (Thailand)
S/RES/12 (1946) The Greek Question
S/RES/11 (1946) The International Court of Justice
S/RES/10 (1946) The Spanish Question
S/RES/9 (1946) The International Court of Justice
S/RES/8 (1946) Admission of new Members to the UN: Afghanistan, Iceland, Sweden
S/RES/7 (1946) The Spanish Question
S/RES/6 (1946) Procedure
S/RES/5 (1946) The Iranian Question
S/RES/4 (1946) The Spanish Question
S/RES/3 (1946) The Iranian Question
S/RES/2 (1946) The Iranian Question
S/RES/1 (1946) Military Staff Committee