Where does the material in the Repertoire come from?
All of the material in the Repertoire is drawn from the official documents of the Security Council.


What is a case study?
In the Repertoire, a case study brings together excerpts from meetings, resolutions and other decisions and official reports to illustrate how a certain Article or rule has been addressed in the Security Council. A case study on a rule of procedure might illustrate cases where that rule has been applied, or instances which were exceptional or unusual. A case study on an Article of the Charter might highlight a discussion on how that Article was interpreted, and show any relevant decisions that followed from the discussion.   


What are implicit and explicit references?
An explicit reference is a direct mention of an Article of the Charter of the United Nations or a provisional rule of procedure. An implicit reference is an instance where a speaker or text has used language that is similar or identical to that found in an Article or rule of procedure, or that invokes the same principles. For example, any discussion of the principle of self-determination of peoples can be understood as an implicit reference to Article 1 (2) of the Charter. The Repertoire uses both implicit and explicit references to show how different aspects of Security Council practice can be understood.


What does the double asterisk (**) that are next to some headings mean?
Until the 1989-1992 volume, the double asterisk was used to indicate that there is no material for inclusion under certain parts and subsections. In general, this website does not provide links to sections under which no material has been included.


Where is the veto featured in the Repertoire?
Instances where a negative vote was cast by a permanent member of the Security Council, so-called “veto”, are featured in the Voting section of the Repertoire in cases when the vote indicated the non-procedural character of the matter.


Where can I find information regarding the Security Council’s activity in connection to the situation in a specific country or on a specific topic?
The Security Council’s activities concerning a particular situation or a thematic topic on its agenda are summarized in the section on Consideration of Questions under the Responsibility of the Council for the Maintenance of International Peace and Security. In addition, information on specific themes of Security Council practice, such as participation in Council proceedingsadoption of agendasanctionspeacekeeping missionsSecurity Council missionsuse of force, or cooperation with regional organizations can be found through the links provided.