Subsidiary Organs Chairs and Vice-Chairs Dashboard

The Subsidiary Organs Chairs and Vice-Chairs Dashboard is elaborated by the Security Council Affairs Division as an interactive information resource. The main page provides an overview of the Chairs and Vice-chairs since the establishment of the bureaux of the Security Council subsidiary organs in 1999 (see Note by the President of the Security Council S/1998/1016). Subsequent pages feature more details on Chairs and Vice-chairs, respectively. The dashboard enables users to visualize the data by regional group affiliation, Member State, year and subsidiary organ. It is updated on an annual basis following the publication of the Note by the President in January (last update: 13 January 2022, see S/2022/2).

* While the position of Chair is held in the personal capacity by the designated permanent representative or deputy permanent representative, the dashboard includes the Chair’s Member State instead and does not reflect changes in individuals holding the position of Chair within the same Member State delegation in a given year. The designations shown in this dashboard do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations, nor do they reflect any position of the Security Council.

How to Navigate

  • Select regional group to view Chairs/Vice-chairs from a particular regional affiliation
  • Select one or more Member States to compare the number of years they served as Chairs/Vice-chairs
  • Select the desired timeframe on the year slicer to view data for a particular year or range
  • Select subsidiary organ from the second or third page to view Chair/Vice-chair of that particular body over the years
  • Hover over Chairs/Vice-chairs to view their regional group affiliation further to General Assembly resolution 1991 (XVIII)
  • Expand the decomposition tree visual to see an overview of Member States having served as Chairs/Vice-chairs of subsidiary organs