Research Tools

Tables, Graphs and Data

This page provides links to tables on procedural and constitutional topics relating to the practice of the Security Council that were included in the volumes of the Repertoire in different periods. It also includes new tables, graphs and other data sets that provide information over larger periods spanning multiple volumes of the Repertoire. This section will be updated with new data sets and tables as they are completed.


Field Missions Dashboard
Categorizes the mandates of current peacekeeping, peacebuilding and special political missions authorized by the Security Council.  

Women and Peace and Security
All relevant provisions since 2008 relating to women, peace and security. 

Children and Armed Conflict
All relevant provisions since 2008 relating to children and armed conflict.  

Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict
All relevant provisions since 2008 relating to protection of civilians in armed conflict. 


Security Council Membership Dashboard
Provides an overview of the composition of the Security Council since 1946, allowing users to visualize the data by year and by elected members.

Women at the Security Council Dashboard
Participation of women in the main areas of Security Council's work since 2015


The Highlights of the Security Council Practice provides a yearly overview of Security Council activities since 2011. This publication contains statistical information on the evolving practice of the Security Council relating to meetings, missions, agenda, decisions and voting patterns, as well as subsidiary bodies.