Other Chapters of the Charter

The Repertoire covers Articles from Chapter XVI on Miscellaneous Provisions and, in the 1st Supplement, has covered Articles from Chapter XVII on Transitional Security Arrangements. Under consideration of miscellaneous provisions of the Charter, material relating to Articles 102 and 103 is included, by providing implicit references and explicit references to these Articles in official documents of the Security Council.

A. Articles 102-103 - Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 102 outlines the requirement that every treaty and international agreement entered into by a Member State after the entry into force of the Charter should be registered with the Secretariat; or they can not be invoked before any organ of the United Nations. Article 103 sets out that obligations of Member States under the Charter prevail over obligations under other legal instruments in the event of a conflict. These two Articles have generally been mentioned in Council proceedings where there have been questions relating to the relationship between the decisions of the Council and other international legal instruments. Article 103 is also discussed in the context of the binding nature of Council decisions according to Article 25 and Article 48 of the Charter.

Article 102

Article 103

B. Articles 106 and 107 - Transitional Security Arrangements

Chapter XVII of the Charter deals with the transitional security arrangements, which were to be implemented by France, China, the United States, the United Kingdom and the USSR until the Security Council was able to begin the exercise of its responsibilities under Article 42.