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Questions considered by the Security Council under its responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security

The Repertoire provides an overview of the role of the Security Council in its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.

Studies for each agenda item outline important developments in the period under review and include summaries of public discussions in the Council, Secretary-General’s reports and other documents considered during Council meetings. Each study features the full text (1946-1999) or summaries (2000-present) of resolutions, presidential statements or other decisions adopted by the Council under a particular agenda item.

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Prior to the sixteenth supplement (2008-2009), studies by agenda item can be found under Chapter VIII of the Repertoire. From the sixteenth supplement onward, studies by agenda items are featured in Part I of the Repertoire.

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The first edition of the Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council covered the years 1946-1951 and was issued in 1954. All subsequent editions are referred to as Supplements. From 1952-2017, each Supplement covered a period ranging from two to four years. Since 2018, Supplements have been covering a period of one year.