Notes by the President of the Security Council for 1999

S/1999/1291 30 December 1999 Security Council working methods and procedures
S/1999/1160 11 November 1999 Establishment of the informal group on the protection of civilians in armed conflict
S/1999/933 2 September 1999 Adoption of the report of the Security Council to the General Assembly (16 June 1998 – 15 June 1999)
S/1999/685 16 June 1999 Election of Chairman of the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1160 (1998)
S/1999/391 7 April 1999 Exchange of letters between the Secretary-General of the NATO and the United Nations High commissioner for Refugees
S/1999/165 17 February 1999 Participation in the preparation of the resolutions of the Council and statements by the President of the Council.
S/1999/100 30 January 1999 Establishment of panels on the implementation of all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq
S/1999/92 29 January 1999 Proposals to improve the work of the sanctions committees
S/1999/8 5 January 1999 Election of the chairmen and vice-chairmen of sanctions committees concerning the situation between Iraq and Kuwait