Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha

Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha
Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
10 July 2019
Reason for listing: 

Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha is being listed pursuant to paragraph 8 (b) of resolution 2374 (2017) for actions taken that obstruct, or that obstruct by prolonged delay, or that threaten the implementation of the Agreement. 

Additional information: 

Ben Daha was a high-ranking officer of the Islamic police operating in Gao when the Mouvement pour l’unicité et le jihad en Afrique de l’Ouest (MUJAO) (QDe.134) controlled the town from June 2012 to January 2013. Ben Daha currently is deputy chief of staff of the regional coordination of the Mécanisme opérationnel de coordination (MOC) in Gao.
On 12 November 2018, the Plateforme in Bamako declared not to participate in forthcoming regional consultations, scheduled to be held from 13 to 17 November in accordance with the March 2018 roadmap agreed upon by all parties to the Peace and reconciliation Agreement in March 2018. The next day, in Gao, a coordination meeting was held by the military chief of staff of the Ganda Koy component of Coordination des mouvements et fronts patriotiques de résistance (CMFPR)-Plateforme, with representatives the MAA-Plateforme, to prevent the consultations to take place. The blockade was coordinated with Plateforme leadership in Bamako, the MAA-Plateforme, as well as Member of Parliament Mohamed Ould Mataly.
From 14 to 18 November 2018, dozens of MAA-Plateforme combatants together with those of the CMFPR factions obstructed the holding of regional consultations. Operating under the instruction and with the participation of Ben Daha, at least six pick-up truck vehicles from the Mouvement Arabe de l’Azawad (MAA-Plateforme) were positioned in front of the Gao governorate and its vicinity. Two MOC vehicles attributed to MAA-Plateforme were also observed at the scene. 
On 17 November 2018, an incident took place between armed elements blocking access to the governorate and a FAMa patrol passing by the area, but was diffused before it could escalate and constitute a cease-fire violation. On 18 November 2018, a total of twelve vehicles and armed elements lifted the blockade of the governorate following a latest round of negotiations with the governor of Gao.
On 30 November 2018, Ben Daha organized an inter-Arab meeting in Tinfanda to discuss security and administrative restructuring. The meeting also included sanctioned individual Ahmoudou Ag Asriw (MLi.001) whom Ben Daha supports and defends. 
Therefore, through effectively blocking discussions on key provisions of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement related to the reform of the territorial structure of northern Mali, Ben Daha has obstructed the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement. In addition, Ben Daha supports an individual identified as threatening the implementation of the Agreement through his involvement in ceasefire violations and organized criminal activity.