Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
4 February 2020
Date(s) on which the narrative summary was updated: 
4 February 2020
Reason for listing: 

Amadou Koufa was listed on 4 February 2020 pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 4 of resolution 2368 (2017) as being associated with ISIL or Al-Qaida for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of”, “recruiting for” and “otherwise supporting acts or activities of” Al-Qaida (QDe.004).

Additional information: 

Amadou Koufa is the founder and emir of the Macina Liberation Front, now known as the katiba Macina of Jama'a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin (JNIM) (QDe.159).

He is an executive of the Organization of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) (QDe.014).

Close to Iyad ag Ghali (QDi.316), chief of Ansar Eddine (QDe.135) and leader of JNIM, Amadou Koufa is one of his religious advisers and his principal representative in the centre of Mali. He appeared alongside Iyad ag Ghali and other JNIM prominent figures in the video proclaiming the creation of JNIM.

Amadou Koufa is behind several dozens of attacks and ambushes against Malian armed forces. He took part in the attack on the city of Konna in January 2013 during the terrorist push towards the South of Mali.

He also carries out activities of recruitment and training for AQIM.

As a member of the judicial committee of the Grand Sahara region for AQIM, Amadou Koufa therefore contributes to the elaboration of the group’s strategy in Mali. 

He enabled the expansion of the operational sphere of JNIM towards the South of Mali and the border zone with Burkina Faso.

The terrorists responsible for the attacks against the French embassy and the headquarters of the Burkinabe army in Ouagadougou on 2 March 2018 benefited from the logistical support of a member of Amadou Koufa’s katiba.