Ahmed Ag Albachar

Ahmed Ag Albachar
Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
10 July 2019
Reason for listing: 

Ahmed Ag Albachar is being listed pursuant to paragraph 8 (b) of resolution 2374 (2017) for actions taken that obstruct, or that obstruct by prolonged delay, or that threaten the implementation of the Agreement; and paragraph 8 (e) of resolution 2374 (2017) for obstructing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Mali, or access to, or distribution of, humanitarian assistance in Mali.

Additional information: 

Ahmed Ag Albachar uses his influence to control and choose which humanitarian and development projects take place in the Kidal region, who implements them, where and when. No humanitarian action can be undertaken without his knowledge and approval. As self-proclaimed president of the humanitarian commission, Ag Albachar is in charge of granting residence and work permits of aid workers in exchange for money or services. The commission also controls which companies and individuals can participate in bids for projects that NGOs advertise in Kidal, granting Ag Albachar the power to manipulate humanitarian action in the region and choose those who work for NGOs. Aid distributions can only be conducted under his oversight, thereby influencing who benefits from the distributions. 

Additionally, Albachar uses unemployed youths to intimidate and extort NGOs, severely hindering their work. The humanitarian community at large works in fear in Kidal, but especially national staff who are more vulnerable.

Ahmed Ag Albachar is also the co-owner of Timitrine Voyage transport company; one of the few transport companies that NGOs are authorised to use in Kidal. Ag Albachar, together with a dozen of other transport companies owned by a small clique of influential Ifoghas Tuareg notables, usurps a significant share of humanitarian aid in Kidal. Moreover, the monopoly position maintained by Ag Albachar, renders aid delivery in certain communities more difficult than others.

Albachar is manipulating humanitarian aid to fulfil his personal interests and the political interests of the HCUA by exercising terror, threatening NGOs and controlling their operations, all of which results in obstruction and hindrance of aid affecting beneficiaries in need in the region of Kidal. Therefore, Ahmed Ag Albachar obstructs the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Mali, or access to, or distribution of, humanitarian assistance in Mali. 

His actions also violate article 49 of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali that commits parties to respect the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence which guide humanitarian action, to prevent any use of humanitarian aid for political, economic or military ends, and to facilitate access for humanitarian agencies and guarantee the security of their personnel. Therefore, Albachar obstructs or threatens the implementation of the Agreement.