July 14

Sustainability: Why the Sustainable Development Goals Matter More Now than Ever


  • Ms. Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General
  • Ms. Erna Solberg, Prime Minister, Norway
  • Dr. Alaa Murabit, SDG Advocate

Moderator: Sherwin Bryce-Pease, Bureau Chief and Correspondent, South African Broadcasting Corporation

July 15

Solidarity at the Heart of Recovery


  • Mr. Forest Whitaker, SDG Advocate
  • Ms. Melissa Fleming, UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications
  • Ms. Farai Mubaiwa, HLPF Keynote Speaker and Founder, Africa Matters

Moderator: Kristen Saloomey, Al Jazeera correspondent

July 16

Solutions: The Importance of Vaccines


  • Dr. Bruce Aylward, Epidemiologist and Senior Advisor, World Health Organization
  • Dr. Pardis Sabeti, Computational Biologist and Medical Geneticist, Harvard University
  • Dr. Seema Yasmin, Director of the Stanford Health Communication, medical journalist and author

Moderator: Tanya Lewis, Editor, Scientific American