Past Events

Global Festival of Action, Bonn, Germany, 2019

The third edition of the SDG Global Festival of Action, organized by the UN SDG Action Campaign, brings together more than 1,500 political decision-makers, activists, experts, business leaders and creative minds from over 130 countries at the World Conference Centre of Bonn, Germany from 2 to 4 May 2019. The aim is to share different perspectives, test and accelerate new ideas, and deepen the coalition for SDG action.

More than 150 speakers will share their insights at high-level plenaries, 60+ interactive sessions, 20+ film screenings and VR /AR experiences, 30+ SDG Studio Talks, 10+ art and musical performances during the Festival.

You can view all programming on their website:

Videos from UN WebTV

Virtual Press Moment

SDG Dreamers & Doers Part I

SDG Dreamers & Doers Part II

SDG Dreamers & Doers Part III

SDG Dreamers & Doers (full session)

SDG Dreamers & Doers Part IV

Civil Society Shadow Reporting: Meaningful Participation in the Voluntary National Review Process (Part I)

Japan SDGs Award

Three Factors of Success

Communities and Blockchain


Learn for Life

Leaving No One Behind: How to make SDG Implementation & Review More Inclusive?

Three Factors of Success II

Turning ideas into SDG Action

Immersive Media in Action

Music Performance

UN SDG Action Awards 2019: Meet the finalists!

UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony

Vision of the 2030 Agenda

UN SDG Action Awards Winners - What's next?

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part I)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part II)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part III)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part IV)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part V)

The Power of Sport

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part VI)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part VII)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part VIII)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part X)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part IX)

SDG Dreamers & Doers II (Part XI)

Making beauty truly beautiful

Systems Leadership

Ocean Film Tour

Building a People's Movement for Sustainable Development

Films in Action

How can Rugby and Sport change people lives

When did you last ask WHY?

From impossible to I'mPOSSIBLE

Events as Conservers, Creators and Catalysts

Route to meeting the SDGs

Fight for climate justice

How photography can fight harassment

The power of YouTube

Technology for Social Good

The future of work

SDG Dreamers & Doers: Hoang Phuong Thao, Country Director for ActionAid Vietnam

SDG Dreamers & Doers (Last segment)

Closing High-Level Plenary