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An Overview

The Security Council Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions (IWG) was established in June 1993 to improve the process by which the Security Council addresses issues concerning its documentation and other procedural questions. The Working Group meets as agreed by members of the Security Council and makes recommendations, proposals and suggestions concerning the Council's documentation and other procedural questions.

The Informal Working Group has drafted a series of documents concerning the working methods of the Security Council, including measures to enhance its efficiency, transparency and interactivity, which have been adopted by the Security Council as Notes by the President. The Note by the President of 27 July 2010 (S/2010/507), drafted under the Chairmanship of Japan, is the most recent comprehensive compilation of these measures, incorporating and further developing previous notes drafted by the Group. Following the adoption, the President of the Council (Nigeria) read a statement to the press (SC/9995) which highlights some of the new elements incorporated in the Note.

In 2012, under the Chairmanship of Portugal, the Informal Working Group drafted three additional Notes by the President, focusing on conference resources and the interactivity of meetings of the Security Council (S/2012/402), on open debates, the Security Council annual report and monthly assessments and informal briefing sessions by the President on the monthly work (S/2012/922), as well as on the process of appointing the Chairpersons of the subsidiary organs of the Council (S/2012/937).

In 2013, under the Chairmanship of Argentina, the Informal Working Group drafted two additional Notes by the President, focusing on dialogue with non-Council members and bodies (S/2013/515); as well as on consultations between the Security Council, the Secretariat and troop- and police-contributing countries (S/2013/630).

Since 2006, the Informal Working Group has been chaired by a member of the Security Council for an extended period, usually 12 months. Currently, Argentina chairs the group for two consecutive years (January 2013 - December 2014).