The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1636 (2005) (hereinafter  “the Committee”) was established to register individuals designated by the International Independent Investigation Commission (the “Commission”) or the Government of Lebanon as suspected of involvement in the 14 February 2005 terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and 22 others. 

Sanctions measures



Exemptions to the measure

Travel ban

All States are required to take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals registered by the Committee. States shall ensure in accordance with applicable law that if such individuals are found within their territory they are available for interview by the Commission if it so requests.

Set out in paragraph 2 (i) of the Annex to resolution 1636 (2005).

Assets freeze

All States are required to freeze funds, financial assets and economic resources that are on their territory that are owned or controlled by individuals registered by the Committee or persons acting on their behalf. All States shall cooperate fully in accordance with applicable law with any international investigations related to the assets or financial transactions of registered individuals, entities or persons acting on their behalf, including through sharing of financial information.

Set out in paragraph 2 (ii) of the Annex to resolution 1636 (2005).

Work and mandate of the Committee 

The Committee comprises all 15 members of the Security Council and makes its decision by consensus. The current Chair of the Committee, for the period ending 31 December 2018, is His Excellency Mr. Anatolio Ndong Mba (Equatorial Guinea). The two Vice-Chairs for 2018 are Sweden and Poland. The Committee has Guidelines for the conduct of its work, including on the listing and de-listing procedures. The latest news on the Committee’s work can be found here. For other selected documents related to the work of the Committee click here.

The Committee is mandated to:

  • register as subject to the sanctions measures an individual designated by the Commission or the Government of Lebanon
  • approve exemptions to the sanctions measures on a case by case basis;
  • register the removal of individuals from the scope of the sanctions measures; and
  • inform all Member States as to which individuals are subject to sanctions measures.

As of 10 June 2015, no individuals have been registered by the Committee.

The Security Council decided in resolution 1636 (2005) that,  unless otherwise decided by the Council, the Committee and any measures still in force under paragraph 3 (a) will terminate when the Committee reports to the Security Council that all investigative and judicial proceedings relating to the terrorist attack of 14 February 2005 have been completed.

The mandate of the Commission ended on 28 February 2009. Jurisdiction was transferred to the Special Tribunal on Lebanon, which was established pursuant to resolution 1757 (2007) and which opened on 1 March 2009.