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India demands Security Council action against Dawood, D-Company (Outlook, 10 July 2019)
UN Security Council holds open debate on int’l terrorism, organized crime linkage (Xinhua, 10 July 2019)
UN urges more collaboration to fight terrorism, crime (Prensa Latina, 9 July 2019) 
Interview with Het Belang van Limburg (HBVL, 4 July 2019)
Morocco’s counterterrorism strategy reviewed at meeting with CTED executive director (The North Africa Post, 29 June 2019)
La Présidente du CNDH reçoit la Directrice exécutive de la Direction Exécutive du Comité contre le Terrorisme des Nations Unies (Conseil national des droits de l’Homme, 28 June 2019)
 M. Bourita s’entretient avec Mme. Michèle Coninsx (MAP, 28 June 2019)
UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate visits Morocco (Morocco World News, 27 June 2019)
A delegation from the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate visits Morocco (Yabiladi, 26 June 2019)
Sri Lanka to give effect to UN resolutions to counter terrorism (MENAFN, 12 June 2019)
Sri Lanka is implementing the United Nations Security Council resolutions to combat terrorism and violent extremism (Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Sri Lanka, 12 June 2019)
Whoever wants to become President? (Colombo Gazette, 10 June 2019)
UN official Michèle Coninsx calls on Ranil (OMLANKA, 9 June 2019)
Sri Lanka joins hands with UN to combat terrorism (Athavan News, 8 June 2019)
Prime Minister meets Michèle Coninsx (TNL Radio, 7 June 2019)
NATO and the United Nations mark continued cooperation against terrorism (NATO, 6 May 2019)
The forty-ninth plenary session of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly was held in the Tauride Palace (Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States, 19 April 2019) 
How to stop the spread of terrorism, discussed at a conference under the auspices of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly (First Channel, 18 April 2019).
“Women, Peace, and Security: How Gender Bias Hampers Counter-Terrorism” (Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 9 April 2019)
 “Bolstering Global Efforts to Gather Electronic Evidence in Counterterrorism Cases” (Dipnote, 21 March 2019)
 After Baghouz, what do you do with ISIS families? (The Arab Weekly, 17 March 2019)
 The month in women, peace and security: February 2019 (ASPI Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 6 Mar 2019)
Justice with IS women often lenient (Tagesschau, 28 February 2019)
 Female terrorists at risk of re-radicalisation because of ‘lenient’ treatment, UN warns (The Telegraph, 28 February 2019)
 Female Isis members underestimated by security services because of jihadi bride stereotypes, UN warns (Independent, 27 February 2019)
 When human trafficking and terrorism connect: Dangers and dilemmas (Just Security, 22 February 2019)
 Attempts to address the issue of foreign terrorist fighters continue (Forbes, 22 February 2019)
 National Security at the United Nations this week (Just Security, 15 February 2019)
 ISIS adapting into a covert threat beyond Iraq and Syria (The National, 12 February 2019)
 Islamic State still ‘major threat’ says Security Council report (Irish Examiner, 12 February 2019)
 UN warns against complacency after Daesh losses (AP, 12 February 2019)
 ISIL remains in Iraq and Syria, including 3,000 foreign terrorist fighters: UN report (Devdiscourse, 11 February 2019)
 ISIS terrorists remain global threat (Student Operated Press, 11 February 2019)
 ISIL terrorists remain ‘global threat:’ UN (United News of India, 11 February 2019)
 UN report tackles threats of IS globally (Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), 11 February 2019)
 UN official warns against complacency over IS defeat (Xinhua, 11 February 2019)
 Despite falling attacks, ISIL terrorists remain ‘global threat:’ UN report (UN News, 11 February 2019)
 Qatar, Holland joint UN report probes trafficking-terrorism nexus (Gulf Times, 8 February 2019)
Gender dimensions of the response to returning foreign terrorist fighters: research perspectives (RESOLVE Network, 1 February 2019)
Responding to terrorist use of the Internet – blog contribution by CTED Executive Director M. Coninsx (The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, 21 January 2019 )
Justice that is not just, leads to frustration and radicalization. Michèle Coninsx on the difficulties combating terrorism in a hyper-globalised world and her university days in Brussels (VUB Today, 18 December 2018)
VN-topvrouw: Michèle Coninsx: ‘De weg naar de top is lang, zeker op hoge hakken’ (Knack, 11 December 2018)
‘Terreurdreiging is de niuewe normaal’ (VTM Nieuws, 7 December 2018; coverage begins at 33:40 )
La menace terroriste reste élevée dans le monde selon l’ONU (RTL, 7 December 2018 )
UN Offical warns of high global terrorism threat (Kuna, 7 December 2018)
“Terreurdreiging is het nieuwe normaal” (Metro, 7 December 2018 )
“Terreurdreiging is het nieuwe normaal” (Knack, 7 December 2018 )
“La menace terroriste est devenue la nouvelle norme” (La Libre, 7 December 2018 )
La ONU pide adaptar la respuesta legal al fenómeno de los yihadistas retornados (EFE/El Diario, 7 December 2018 )
A view from the CT foxhole: Michèle Coninsx, Executive Director of the U.N. Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) (CTC Sentinel, October 2018)
Azerbaijani FM holds series of meetings in New York (Azertac, 28 September 2018)
Azerbaijani FM meets Executive Director of UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (, 27 September 2018)
CS Monica Juma stresses cooperating in war against terror (Daily Nation, 25 September 2018)
UN Office on counter-terrorism lauds Kenya leadership role in fights against terrorism (CapitalNews, 25 September 2018)
Protecting public spaces and soft targets (Dipnote, 7 September 2018)
Big brother: Thousands of anti-terror cameras deployed in West Bank, Jerusalem (Jerusalem Post, 4 September 2018)
Extremists exploiting small social media websites, experts warn (BBC, 1 September 2018)
ISIL continues to pose a ‘serious challenge’ worldwide (Modern Diplomacy, 24 August 2018)
UN official highlights risks posed by returning foreign terrorist fighters (Xinhua, 23 August 2018)
US urges ‘enduring defeat’ of IS, offers force if necessary (AP, 23 August 2018)
Vaincu en Iraq et affaibli en Syrie, Daech reste toutefois dangereux, prévient l’ONU (ONU Info, 23 August 2018)
ISIL continues to pose a ‘serious challenge’ worldwide – UN counter-terror chief (UN News, 23 August 2018)
UN counter-terrorism agencies and the Biometric Institute announce collaborative workshops (Planet Biometrics, 20 August 2018)
Biometric and countering terrorism – the next phase (Biometrics Institute, 15 August 2018)
Belgische VN-terrorismetopvrouw: “Het nieuwe normaal gaat niet meteen stoppen” (VRT, 10 August 2018)
UN counter-terrorism experts hosted at Massey (Voxy, 19 July 2018)
A gender-specific approach to counter-terrorism (EurasiaReview, 16 July 2018)
La sous-secrétaire des Nations Unies chargée de la lutte contre le terrorisme reçue par le Président Issoufou (ANP, 11 July 2018)
UN launches best practices guide for biometrics in counter-terrorism (Find Biometrics, 3 July 2018)
UN calls for mechanisms, ideas to fight against terrorism (Prensa Latina, 29 June 2018)
Biometrics Institute to partner with UN CTED (Planet Biometrics, 28 June 2018)
Cybersecurity in an age of insecurity (Observer Research Foundation, 31 May 2018)
After democratic elections, Iraqi leaders must form ‘truly national’ government, urges UN envoy (UN News, 30 May 2018)
‘Positive’ community building helps combat hate online: UN counter-terrorism chair (UN News, 29 May 2018)
ICAO and UN CTED strengthen border control, aviation security and counter-terrorism cooperation (Advance, 22 May 2018)
ICAO and UN CTED to strengthen cooperation on border control, aviation security, and counter-terrorism issues (Travel Daily News, 21 May 2018)
Prevent terrorists profiting from cross-border crime, urges UN Security Council (UN News, 8 May 2018)
Bojownicy Państwa Islamskiego wracają. Są dużym zagrożeniem (Wiadomości, 15 April 2018)
Terrorgefahr: IS-Rückkehrer stellen Heimatländer vor Probleme (Deutschlandfunk, 14 April 2017)
TERRORISMUS: IS-Kämpfer: Wenige Rückkehrer, große Gefahr (Deutsche Welle, 13 April 2018)
Foreign terrorist fighters pose long-term challenge: study (Xinhua, 12 April 2018)
Combatientes terroristas extranjeros representan desafío de largo plazo: ONU (Xinhua español, 11 April 2018)
Threat of foreign terrorists more global than ever: report (Fox News, 11 April 2018)
Muchos terroristas que vuelven a sus países están sin identificar, avisa ONU (EFE, 11 April 2018)
On the frontline: Women and terrorism (Global Government Forum, 26 March 2018)
Kuwait stresses need to protect critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks (KUNA, 14 February 2018)
Biometrics Institute working with UN CTED on biometrics and counter-terrorism project (, 7 February 2018)
ID@Borders to address use of biometrics for seamless passenger flow and counter-terrorism (, 25 January 2018)
תיאו”ם כוונות(Israel Ha’Yom, 18 January 2018)
Managing the Risk of the ISIS’ Diaspora in the Caribbean (The Cipher Brief, 12 January 2018)
Diplomats and designers discuss: How can we protect our cities from terror attacks? (World Economic Forum, 5 January 2018)
Strengthen measures to counter threats posed by returning foreign terrorist fighters, Security Council urges (UN News, 21 December 2017)
UN Security Council renews mandate of counter-terrorism body (Xinhua, 21 December 2017)
Experts discuss extremist returning-fighter threat with UN Security Council (Africa Times, 29 November 2017)
UN officials warn of danger of terrorism as foreign terrorist fighters return home or relocate (Xinhua, 29 November 2017)
Africa: Returning foreign terrorist fighters pose ‘enormous challenge with no easy solution,’ Security Council told (All Africa, 28 November 2017)
El terrorismo puede afectar a cualquier persona en cualquier lugar del mundo” (Infobae, 18 November 2017)
33 fotos del workshop “Las finanzas del terrorismo y el crimen organizado” (Infobae, 16 November 2017)
‘YouTube Islamist’ Anwar al-Awlaki videos removed in extremism clampdown (The Guardian, 13 November 2017)
In ‘watershed moment,’ YouTube blocks extremist cleric’s message (The New York Times, 12 November 2017)
The Islam-terrorism connection – it’s not what you think (The Forward, 9 November 2017)
Google CEO Sundar Pichai: “I don’t know whether humans want change that fast” (The Guardian, 7 October 2017)
UN urges further international counter-terror cooperation (KUNA, 28 September 2017)
At Security Council, top counter-terrorism officials stress ‘All of UN’ approach to tackle scourge (UN News Centre, 28 September 2017)
Le chef du Bureau de lutte contre le terrorisme présente ses priorités au Conseil de sécurité (Centre d’actualités de l’ONU, 28 September 2017)
At Security Council, UN official urges greater cooperation for more effective aviation security (UN News Centre, 27 September 2017)
Le Conseil de sécurité appelé à renforcer la coopération internationale face à la menace terroriste pesant sur l’aviation civile (Centre d’actualités de l’ONU, 27 September 2017)
World leaders urge big tech to police terrorist content (New York Times, 21 September 2017)
May, Macron, Gentiloni push for quick removal of extremist online content (Reuters, 20 September 2017)
Women’s role vital in countering violent extremism (Huffington Post, 10 September 2017)
Belgische gaat VN-directoraat terreurbestrijding leiden (De Standaard | nieuws, 12 August 2017)
UAE battles the dark forces trying to control Islam (Live Trading News, 16 July 2017)
UN chief says embittered ISIS fighters pose biggest threat to west post-caliphate collapse (Express, 12 July 2017)
International cooperation crucial to safe flights, UN says at counter-terrorism meeting (UN News Centre, 7 July 2017)
Jean-Paul Laborde : «Daech recrute dans le milieu criminel en Europe» (Le Figaro, 7 July 2017 (behind paywall))
“Fight against terrorism: What can the UN do?” (France 24, 29 June 2017)
Tech giants sign agreement to counter terrorism online (Newsroom America, 29 June 2017)
L’ONU félicite une initiative du secteur privé qui lutte contre le terrorisme sur Internet (Agence Ivorienne de Presse, 28 June 2017)
Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter et YouTube créent un forum pour lutter contre le terrorisme (, 28 June 2017)
Tackling online extremism (CNBC, 29 June 2017)
Terrorisme : la lutte engagée par l’ONU porte ses fruits mais doit se poursuivre jusqu’au bout (Radio des Nations Unies, 30 June 2017)
La ONU celebra nueva alianza tecnológica del sector privado contra el terrorismo (UN News Centre, 27 June 2017)
Крупнейшие социальные сети объявили войну террористам во Всемирной паутине (UN News Centre, 27 June 2017)
联合国欢迎互联网巨头开展网络反恐倡议 (UN News Centre, 27 June 2017)
L’ONU salue une initiative du secteur privé visant à lutter contre le terrorisme sur internet (Radio des Nations Unies, 27 June 2017)
UN welcomes major partnership initiative with tech giants to counter terrorism online (UN News Centre, 27 June 2017)
الأمم المتحدة ترحب بمبادرة القطاع الخاص لمكافحة الإرهاب على الإنترنت (UN News Centre, 27 June 201)
Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube are taking counterterrorism online (Mashable, 26 June 2017)
Interview with Jean-Paul Laborde in “64 minutes” (TV5 Monde, 27 June 2017)
Twitter, Facebook and others form global counterterrorism coalition (Silicon Republic, 27 June 2017)
Microsoft, YouTube, and others team up to combat terrorism (Neowin, 27 June 2017)
Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube announce its first step towards counter terrorism (India Live Today, 27 June 2017)
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft have teamed up to fight online terrorism (Wired UK, 27 June 2017)
4 Internet giants formed the Global Internet Forum to counter terrorism (AdWeek, 26 June 2017)
Tech giants team up to fight extremism following cries that they allow terrorism (The Guardian, 26 June 2017)
Tech giants bolster collaborative fight against terrorism (CNN, 26 June 2017)
US tech giants join forces against terror content (AFP, 26 June 2017)
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft join to fight against terrorist content (Reuters, 26 June 2017)
ONU congratula-se com a criação da força regional para combater o terrorismo no Sahel (ASemana, 26 June 2017)
Terrorisme : les succès significatifs contre Daech ne doivent pas faire baisser la garde (UN Radio (in French), 22 June 2017)
DEAŞ’ın yabancı savaşçılarının yüzde 50’si geri döndü’ (Turkiye Gazetesi, 22 June 2017)
DEAŞ teröristleri Bitcoin kullanıyor (Yeni Akit, 22 June 2017)
UN meeting aims to boost judicial cooperation to fight terrorism (UN Radio, 21 June 2017)
Lutte contre le terrorisme: 121 “returnees” en Belgique en avril, dont 44 en prison (RTBF, 29 May 2017)
“Was haben Kinder damit zu tun?” (Wiener Zeitung, 23 May 2017)
UN counter-terror chief: Europe faces return of ‘dangerous’ IS fighters (The Indian Express, 19 May 2017)
Laptop bombs a ‘when, not if’ situation, warns UN official (TTG Media, 19 May 2017)
Laptop bombs a question of when, not if – UN official (BBC, 18 May 2017)
UN official: Sharp drop in number of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq (Kuwait News Agency, 18 May 2017)
Laptop bombs are a question of WHEN, not if, UN official says as agency warns Europe will face an exodus of dangerous ISIS fighters defeated in Syria and Iraq this year (The Daily Mail, 18 May 2017)
L’Onu craint un retour prochain de djihadistes en Europe (Ouest France, 18 May 2017)
40 à 50% des combattants en Syrie sont entre-temps revenus (Le Vif, 18 May 2017)
Près de 5.000 combattants étrangers de l’Etat islamique sont sur le chemin du retour: leur identification est une “priorité” (RTL, 18 May 2017)
L’ONU craint un retour prochain en Europe de combattants étrangers du groupe État islamique (Radio Canada, 18 May 2017)
L’Onu craint un retour prochain de djihadistes en Europe (Challenge, 18 May 2017)
Selon l’ONU, 40 à 50% des combattants en Syrie sont entre-temps revenus (RTBF, 18 May 2017)
ΟΗΕ: Η Ευρώπη αντιμέτωπη με την επιστροφή «πιο επικίνδυνων» τζιχαντιστών (, 18 May 2017)
ΟΗΕ – Ευρώπη: Νέο κύμα πολύ πιο επικίνδυνων τζιχαντιστών (Kathimerini, 18 May 2017)
ΟΗΕ: Η Ευρώπη αντιμέτωπη με την επιστροφή «πιο επικίνδυνων» τζιχαντιστών (, 18 May 2017)
UN official: Sharp drop in number of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq (Kuna, 18 May 2017)
Près de 5.000 combattants étrangers de l’Etat islamique sont sur le chemin du retour: leur identification est une “priorité” (RTL Info, 18 May 2017)
Selon l’ONU, 40 à 50% des combattants en Syrie sont entre-temps revenus (RTBF, 18 May 2017)
ONU considera real a ameaça de atentados com computadores em voo (Terra (Brasil), 18 May 2017)
U.N. Counterterror Chief: Europe Faces Return of ‘Dangerous’ IS Fighters (Reuters, 18 May 2017)
La ONU considera real la amenaza de atentados con ordenadores en vuelo (Terra (España), 18 May 2017)
Terrorismo, Onu: “Partenze di ‘foreign fighters’ in calo del 90%, ma c’è seconda ondata pronta a colpire” (, 18 May 2017)
“Nu IS op instorten staat, zijn teruggekeerde strijders gevaarlijker dan ooit” (De Morgen, 18 May 2017)
Protecting refugees, ensuring security of countries ‘complimentary goals,’ special UN forum told (UN News Centre, 5 April 2017)
Especialistas em segurança aeroportuária reúnem-se em SP para discutir combate ao crime (ONUBR, 4 April 2017)
‘Tech-savvy terrorists using social media to target youngsters’ (Khaleej Times, 29 March 2017)
Argentina estrecha lazos con la ONU para combatir el terrorismo (Nueva Rioja, 25 March 2017)
“Tenemos que enfrentar al terrorismo sin comprometer a nuestros valores” (Clarín, 24 March 2017)
Cancillería enviará al Senado 5 convenios sobre terrorismo (Última Hora, 24 March 2017)
UN Committee Chief Backs Argentina’s Proposed Revamp For Anti-Terror Law (, 24 March 2017)
El Gobierno firmó un acuerdo con la ONU para ajustar una ley antiterrorista (Infobae, 23 March 2017)
El titular del comité contra el terrorismo de la ONU visita la AMIA (Aurora, 21 March 2017)
Ley antiterrorista: representante del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU se reúne con ministros (Terra, 20 March 2017)
La ONU apoyará una nueva ley antiterrorista en Argentina (Lo Voz de Cataratas, 20 March 2017)
AMIA recibió al director del Comité de Lucha contra el Terrorismo de la ONU (Iton Gadol, 20 March 2017)
Titular del comité contra terrorismo de la ONU inicia visita a Argentina (Terra, 20 March 2017)
Laborde: “La ONU apoyará una nueva ley antiterrorista en Argentina” (Infobae, 20 March 2017)
Cuando el Estado Islámico se convierte en una amenaza local (El Observador, 20 March 2017)
ONU brindará apoyo para que Uruguay mejore seguridad en aduanas (El Observador, 20 March 2017)
Cómo es la ley antiterrorista que impulsa el Gobierno y que buscará el aval de la ONU (Infobae, 19 March 2017)
Sendic se entrevistó con el director ejecutivo del Comité contra el Terrorismo (Montevideo Portal, 17 March 2017)
Vicepresidente uruguayo se reúne con jerarca de comité contra terrorismo ONU (W Radio, 17 March 2017)
Antiterrorismo: ONU busca que la región siga el ejemplo de Uruguay (El Observador, 17 March 2017)
Uruguay recibe a alto funcionario de la ONU (Prensa Latina, 17 March 2017)
Un projet estudiantin lauréat d’une compétition internationale contre le terrorisme (L’Orient-Le Jour, 15 March 2017)
Terrorisme : Une délégation de l’ONU rencontre Déby au Tchad (Al Wihda, 15 February 2017)
ICAO: TRIP strategy enhances border security (Security Document World, 15 February 2017)
Interview with Executive Director Jean-Paul Laborde on “Telegiornale” (RSI LA1, 24 January 2017 (in Italian), from 9:29 to 12:01)
Interview with Executive Director Jean-Paul Laborde on “Davos Today” (Reuters, 19 January 2017, from 20:46 to 27:30)
Terrorist groups exploit information and communication technologies to fund activities (UN Radio, 27 December 2016)
Jean-Paul LABORDE : ” L’ONU mobilisée contre la radicalisation des jeunes ” (TV5Monde, L’Invité avec Patrick Simonin, 22 December 2016)
España impulsa en la ONU un nuevo paso en la cooperación antiterrorista (Terra, 12 December 2016)
Antonio Guterres juró como nuevo secretario general de la ONU (Crónica, 13 December 2016)
The UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Revisits Terrorism in Cyberspace (Council on Foreign Relations, 7 December 2016)
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus V. Rybakov meets the Executive Director of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Press Release, 7 December 2016)
Female Jihadists Play Critical Roles in Terror Groups (GW Today, 2 December 2016)
ONU : comment prévenir l’exploitation des TIC par les terroristes (UN Radio (in French), 1 December 2016)
Global response needed to stop use of ICTs to commit terrorist acts (UN Radio, 1 December 2016) or download audio
Interview with Ambassador Stauffacher, Founder and President, ICT4Peace, on how to #StopICTterrorism (UN Radio (in French), 1 December 2016)
Jean-Paul Laborde: ””Es evidente que la Argentina requiere una adaptación de sus leyes”(La Nación, 1 December 2016)
Jean-Paul Laborde : Il n””y a pratiquement plus d”Etats qui soutiennent le terrorisme (L”Orient Le Jour, 24 November 2016)
Sri Lanka works on draft counter terrorism legislation to replace PTA with technical assistance from UN (Colombo Page, 15 November 2016)
Speakers in Security Council sound alarm over rapidly growing ””asymmetrical threats” to United Nations peace operations (ReliefWeb, 8 November 2016)
Les visages de la radicalisation (le Soleil, 1 November 2016)
Mr. Chen: UN will spare no efforts in addressing the use of ICT for terrorism (The Beijing News, in Chinese, 16 November 2016)
Mr. Chen: UN will spare no efforts in addressing the use of ICT for terrorism (The Beijing News ePaper, in Chinese, 16 November 2016)
Mr. Chen: Let””s make the cyberworld safe again! (The Beijing News, in Chinese, 16 November 2016)
Mr. Chen: Let””s make the cyberworld safe again! (The Beijing News ePaper, in Chinese, 16 November 2016)
Sri Lanka works on draft counter-terrorism legislation to replace PTA with technical assistance from UN (Colombo Page, 15 November 2016)
Over-generalized approach could expose peace operations to greater risk, warns UN deputy chief (UN News Centre, 7 November 2016)
Missions de paix de l””ONU : Le Sénégal invité à s”attaquer aux menaces asymétriques (Senxibar, 7 November 2016)
Le maintien de la paix face aux menaces asymétriques : Makeur Ndiaye préside le débat sur la réforme (Le Soleil, 7 November 2016)
Midi info: Interview with CTED Executive Director Jean-Paul Laborde (Radio-Canada (in French), from 29:58 until 39:29, 1 November 2016) or download audio here
Les visages de la radicalisation (Le Soleil, 31 October 2016)
Pakistan is key facilitator to bridge the regions of South and Central Asia (Radio Pakistan, 26 October 2016)
“Pakistan is major victim of terrorism: Sartaj Aziz tells UN (Samaa, 26 October 2016)
“Push into Mosul expected to unlock ISIS intelligence data (CDA News, 23 October 2016)
“Die Menschen sind vom Thema Terrorismus besessen” (Der Standard, 19 October 2016) or PDF
Radicalization of youth as a global challenge (Al Arabiya English, 10 October 2016)
Regional counter-terrorism workshop a testimony to international support to South Asia (Mehr News Agency, 3 October 2016)
Regional counter-terrorism workshop a testimony to international support to South Asia (Islamic Republic News Agency, 3 October 2016)
Commentary: Counter-terrorism workshop a testimony to international support in South Asia (Jakarta Globe, 3 October 2016)
UN adopts first civil aviation resolution to counter terrorist threats (, 26 September 2016)
CSTO, UN Counter-Terrorism Committee sign memorandum of understanding (, 23 September 2016)
La coprésidence du Maroc du Forum mondial reflète l’engagement «clair, déterminé et constructif» du Royaume conformément aux Hautes Orientations de Sa Majesté le Roi (Le Matin, 22 September 2016)
Security Council adopts resolution on countering terrorist threats to civil aviation (UN News Centre, 22 September 2016)
GCTF: Jean-Paul Laborde salue le “leadership de Sa Majesté le Roi, Commandeur des croyants”, en matière de lutte anti-terroriste (Map Express, 21 September 2016)
GCC Chief meets with Director of UN Counter-Terrorism Committee (Saudi Press Agency, 23 September 2016)
CSTO, UN Counter-Terrorism Committee sign memorandum of understanding (Belarus News, 23 September 2016)
Speech delivered by Jean-Paul Laborde at IDC Herzliya””s 16th International Conference (video, 11 September 2016)
Por qué Francia es blanco del terrorismo del Estado Islámico (, 8 August 2016)
Are ISIS foreign fighters terrorist time bombs? Chilling report says 30 percent are already home from the Middle East (, 24 August 2016)
Counter-Terrorism Summit in Bali focuses on cross-border threats (BenarNews, 10 August 2016)
La coalition anti-Daech sait par où passent les djihadistes qui se rendent en Syrie (, 28 July 2016)
Morocco foils terrorist attacks, arrests 52 militants (Asharq Al-Awsat English, 27 July 2016)
U.S. secures vast new trove of intelligence on ISIS (The New York Times, 27 July 2016)
Estado Islâmico está por trás de quase 400 ataques durante o Ramadan, diz ONU ( Jornal de Brasilia, 23 July 2016)
UN says IS behind 393 attacks during Ramadan (AP, 22 July 2016)
Top UN counter-terrorism official urges cohesive response to ””persistent” threat of terrorism (UN News Centre, 22 July 2016)
30 000 “terroristes étrangers” en Irak et en Syrie, selon l””ONU (AFP, 5 July 2016)
UN counterterror chief: Nations must work smarter against IS (AP, 5 July 2016)
Iraq, Syria has 30,000 extremists ready to return home (Newsweek, 5 July 2016)
UN fears more attacks as anti-terrorist fight in Syria and Iraq advances (Latin American Herald Tribune, 5 July 2016)
Jean-Paul Laborde: Terror attacks “more likely to happen” as ISIL space is reduced (UN Radio, 5 July 2016)
Jean-Paul Laborde on the terrorism threat and major sports events (BBC Radio 4 “Today,” 11 June 2016)
At Security Council, climate change cited among factors impacting stability in Sahel (UN News Centre, 26 May 2016)
Corporate unease over Beijing””s anti-terrorism law isn”t problem unique to China, says senior UN cybersecurity official (South China Morning Post, 16 May 2016)
3 questions à Jean-Paul Laborde (Mediapart, 13 May 2016)
3 questions à Jean-Paul Laborde (Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS), 13 May 2016)
La politique du Conseil de sécurité de l”ONU (Défense & sécurité internationale, Hors-série, no. 47, avril-mai 2016 behind paywall)
Les combattants terroristes étrangers (Défense & sécurité internationale, Hors-série, no. 47, avril-mai 2016 behind paywall)
Alliance des civilisations : ensemble contre la haine (Euronews, 27 April 2016)
Paris attacks showed role of small transactions in terror finance UN meeting hears (Thomson Reuters, 15 April 2016)
La ONU reclama más medidas concretas para cortar la financiación del EI (EFE, 14 April 2016)
Geneva conference on preventing violent extremism, High-level segment, session II: Jean-Paul Laborde (UN Web TV, 8 April 2016)
Closing statement (in French) by ASG and ED Jean-Paul Laborde at CTC open briefing on “Upholding Justice” with Supreme Court justices (UN Web TV, 10 March 2016)
If you want rule of law, people have to agree to abide by laws, Breyer (CIHAN, 11 March 2016)
Bobde suggests common terrorism court for South Asia (IANS, 11 March 2016)
SAARC nations should create common court to tackle terrorism: Indian SC judge (Press Trust of India, 11 March 2016)
Upholding justice in terror cases a huge challenge, judges say (UN Radio, 10 March 2016)
Terrorisme : Jean Fahed, le Président de la Cour de cassation du Liban souligne la mondialisation croissante du fléau (Radio des Nations Unies, 10 March 2016)
Lebanese Chief Justice Jean Fahed: Preparation and incitement to terrorism are also considered terrorist acts (UN Radio (in Arabic), 11 march 2016)
Chief Justice of the Court of Cassation in Lebanon points out the big jump in terrorism cases between 2012 and 2015 (UN Radio (in Arabic), 10 March 2016)
UN: cooperation among judges vital to counter-terrorism efforts, human rights protection (UN News Centre, 10 March 2016)
Justice Sharad Bobde leaving for New York tonight for counter-terrorism conference at the UN (Nagpur Today, 8 March 2016)
ONU advierte sobre aumento de mujeres yihadistas (Economía y negocios, 28 February 2016)
Cada vez más mujeres se unen al Estado Islámico (La Voz, 27 February 2016)
ONU alerta sobre la cantidad de mujeres en el EI (EFE, 27 February 2016)
UN report says 550 European women travelled to IS-held territories (NRT, 27 February 2016)
O número de mulheres terroristas está a aumentar (Observador, 27 February 2016)
Informe de la ONU indica que las mujeres constituyen del 20 al 30% de los combatientes terroristas extranjeros (Centro de Noticias ONU, 26 February 2016)
ISIL increasingly recruiting doctors and other professionals (UN Radio, 26 February 2016)
Daesh : un appel à créer des cellules d”échange d”information dans tous les États cette année (Radio des Nations Unies, 26 February 2016)
Informe de la ONU analiza comportamiento de los combatientes terroristas extranjeros (Radio ONU, 26 February 2016)
UN Counter-Terrorism Committee tackles terrorist use of the Internet and social media (Council on Foreign Relations, 4 February 2015)
JEAN-PAUL LABORDE: “El ISIS nos ha cambiado todos los parámetros de trabajo”(El País, 23 December 2015)
ONU utilizará redes sociais para controlar disseminação terrorista (AGEX online, 21 December 2015)
Davos debate: “Violent extremism: From global threat to local solutions” part two (France 24, 22 January 2016)
Davos debate: “Violent extremism: From global threat to local solutions” part one (France 24, 22 January 2016)
Terrorisme et réseaux sociaux au menu du Conseil de sécurité (La Presse, 17 December 2015)
Des cellulaires au service des djihadistes (La Presse, 17 December 2015)
UN plans special meeting on technology and counter-terrorism (FierceGovernmentIT, 8 December 2015)
Motives of foreign terrorist fighters under the spotlight (United Nations Radio, 24 November 2015)
Caso de normalistas llega a Medio Oriente (Nacion, Mexico, 6 November 2015)
Call for Global Movement to Protect Education (Gulf Times,5 November 2015)
ForMin Aurescu took part in a conference of Madrid Club (Actmedia, Romania, 6 November 2015)
French jihadist killed in Syria “was target” (RFI, France, 17 October 2015)
Effectively countering terrorism – Jean-Paul Laborde (The Malaysian Insider, 16 October 2015)
Foreign Fighters Are Still Able to Travel to War Zones Despite Efforts to Halt Flow (The Wall Street Journal, 27 October 2015)
Push to bring terrorists to justice culminates this week (The Nation, Thailand, 19 October 2015)
Countering terrorism in South Asia (Financial Express, Bangladesh, 19 October 2015)
Syrie : Salim Benghalem, la cible des frappes françaises à Rakka (Le Monde, France, 17 October 2015)
“Rien n’est blanc/noir en termes de légalité” (AFP, 16 October 2015)
Jean-Paul Laborde : les nations face à la menace terroriste (TV5 Monde, 16 October 2015)
Français tués dans des frappes françaises en Syrie : des questions sur la légalité (AFP, 15 October 2015)
Новый доклад ООН: иностранные боевики-террористы – значительная угроза, но международное сообщество не успевает реагировать на нее (op-ed, “Vector”, Russia, ООН.РФ / International Institute of Strategic Research, 14 October 2015)
Terrorism is a global threat, we need [a] global response (op-ed, The Citizen, Tanzania, 10 October 2015) [LINK TO COME]
How we can stop foreign fighters strolling across borders to join extremist groups (op-ed, The East African, Kenya, 10 October 2015)
寄稿:国連の新報告書、外国人テロ戦闘員の脅威を強調し、 国際社会の対応の遅れを指摘 (op-ed, The Huffington Post, Japan, 9 October 2015)
Foreign terrorist fighters: International community lags behind (op-ed, New Age, Bangladesh, 9 October 2015)
New UN report stresses that foreign terrorist fighters constitute significant threat (op-ed, Caribbean News, 8 October 2015)
New UN report stresses that foreign terrorist fighters constitute significant threat (Ghana Business News, 7 October 2015)
Foreign terrorist fighters pose ””significant” threat to global community, says UN (Army Technology News, 7 October 2015)
Threat of foreign terrorist fighters was a global problem, Laborde (Cihan, 7 October 2015)
Avances y retos en la lucha contra los combatientes terroristas extranjeros (Radio ONU, 7 October 2015)
Combattants terroristes etrangers : UN nouveau rapport epingle les defaillances et les progres realises par les Etats (Radio ONU, 7 October 2015)
Int’l community lagging behind in curbing foreign terrorist fighters (op-ed, Global Patriot News, Nigeria, 6 October 2015)
‘Foreign terrorist fighters constitute significant threat’ (op-ed, The Jordan Times, Jordan, 6 October 2015)
””Foreign terrorist fighters constitute significant threat” (op-ed, Jordan Times, 6 October 2015)
Countries struggling to stop flow of foreign terrorist fighters (UN Radio interview with Jean-Paul Laborde, 6 October 2015)
Un rapport de l””ONU appelle a plus de souplesse dans la lutte contre les combattants etrangers (UN News Centre, 6 October 2015)
Foreign fighters pose ””significant and evolving” global threat, warns new UN report (UN News Centre, 6 October 2015)
Terrorist organizations gradually use women to recruit other women, Laborde (Cihan (Turkey), 10 September 2015)
Women have vital roles in countering terrorism, UN official (Leadership (Nigeria), 10 September 2015)
Vijana wanaorejea baada ya kulaghaiwa na ugaidi wahitaji msaada (UN Radio (Kiswahili), 10 September 2015)
Pour l””ONU les femmes doivent être advantage impliquées dans la lutte contre le terrorisme (UN Radio (French), 9 September 2015)
Women must be empowered to actively help counter terrorism and extremism, says UN official (UN News Centre, 9 September 2015)
Discuten sobre el papel de la mujer en la lucha contra el terrorismo (UN Radio (Spanish), 9 September 2015)
Speech delivered by Jean-Paul Laborde at IDC Herzliya””s 15th International Conference (video, 8 September 2015)
Juan Carlos Campo: “Por su especializacion, la audiencia nacional es vital en la guerra contra el terrorismo yihadista” (ConfiLegal, 30 July 2015)
Arab nations play crucial part in fighting terrorism — UN cmte chief (Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), 29 July 2015)
Espana ha exportado ya 126 yihadistas, de los que 25 han muerto inmolados (EFE, 29 July 2015)
The latest from NATO meeting on Islamic State group and related developments (AP, 28 July 2015)
Turkish leader appeals for NATO help (AP, 28 July 2015)
La ONU pide que Twitter y Facebook ayuden en la lucha contra el terrorismo extranjero (UN Radio (Spanish), 28 July 2015)
Madrid : une reunion pour combler les « trous beants » de la lutte contre le terrorisme (UN Radio (French), 28 July 2015)
Rajoy afirma que se puede al terror pero “nadie esta libre del zarpazo de la fiera” (EFE, 28 July 2015)
La ONU apoya el Registro de Pasajeros e implicar a las redes sociales contra el terrorismo (EFE, 28 July 2015)
ONU quiere involucrar a Facebook y Twitter en la lucha contra el yihadismo (EFE/Republica, 28 July 2015)
La ONU quiere implicar a Twitter y Facebook contra los yihadistas (El Pais, 28 July 2015)
La ONU recurre a Facebook, Twitter y Google para luchar contra el yihadismo (ABC, 28 July 2015)
La ONU busca involucrar a Facebook y Twitter en la lucha contra el yihadismo (Infobae America, 28 July 2015)
La ONU quiere involucrar a las redes sociales en la lucha contra el yihadismo (La Razon, 28 July 2015)
ONU llama a Twitter y Facebook a luchar contra terrorismo (RCN Radio, 28 July 2015)
Espana distingue entre las FARC y Daesh para apoyar el proceso colombiano (Hola Ciudad!, 28 July 2015)
U.N. talks in Spain to tackle ””foreign terrorists” (AFP, 27 July 2015)
PBB adakan pertemuan di Spanyol bahas teroris (Antara News, 27 July 2015)
El Comite contra el terrorismo analiza una estrategia para luchar contra el flujo de combatientes (Cadena Ser, 27 July 2015)
La ONU pide implicar a la sociedad para combatir el terrorismo yihadista (EFE, 27 July 2015)
La ONU reclama contra el yihadismo la misma unidad ciudadana que aislo a ETA (El Faro Digital, 27 July 2015)
Gobiernos y expertos debaten la proxima semana en Madrid como parar el flujo de terroristas extranjeros (HazteOir, 27 July 2015)
Jean-Paul Laborde: “Es importante tomar como ejemplo como fue la lucha contra el terrorismo en Espana” (VAVEL, 27 July 2015)
Madrid acoge reunión de la ONU para combatir el terrorismo extranjero (UN Radio (Spanish), 27 July 2015)
Cumbre en Madrid abogará por más cooperación contra combatientes extranjeros (AFP, 24 July 2015)
Contra el IS ””hay que actuar con su misma rapidez y fluidez” (El Mundo, 24 July 2015)
Comité contra el terrorismo de la ONU: “Es el momento de actuar” (El Pais, 24 July 2015)
Mas de 25 mil combatientes extranjeros en organizaciones terroristas (NOTIMEX, 24 July 2015)
Los reclutas del fanatismo (op-ed) (ABC, 23 July 2015)
Experto antiyihadista de la ONU pide mayor implicación de la prensa (Télam, 23 July 2015)
La ONU buscará en Madrid nuevas medidas para la lucha antiterrorista (EFE, 22 July 2015)
LHQ thẩm định các nỗ lực ngăn chặn khủng bố nước ngoài (VOA (Vietnamese), 29 may 2015)
Jihadisme: amer constat d””échec pour les Nations unies (RFI, 29 May 2015)
UN Assesses Efforts to Halt Flow of Foreign Fighters (VOA, 28 May 2015)
La ONU busca reforzar medidas para cortar el flujo de terroristas extranjeros (El Diario Vasco, 28 May 2015)
ICP Asks LaBorde of Counter-Terrorism & Yemen Evaluation, Somaliland UNhelped (Inner City Press, 28 may 2015)
ONU vai reforçar medidas para deter fluxo de terroristas estrangeiros (Jornal I, 28 May 2015)
Q&A: Jean-Paul Laborde on counter-terrorism (Al Jazeera, 18 April 2015)
Lutte contre le terrorisme : l””ONU veut apporter « le soutien nécessaire » au Cameroun (Journal du Cameroun, 17 March 2015)
Cameroun : On évalue la mise en œuvre de la luttre contre le terrorisme (All Africa, 17 March 2015)
UN supports Cameroon””s fight against terrorism (Cameroon Radio Television, 17 March 2015)
Cameroon: UN envoy hails Cameroon””s anti-terrorism law (All Africa, 17 March 2015)
Lutte contre le terrorisme : arrivée au Cameroun de Jean-Paul Laborde (Camer Post, 16 March 2015)
Cameroun – sécurité : Le Directeur exécutif du Comité contre le terrorisme des Nations Unies en visite au Cameroun (Cameroon-Info, 14 March 2015)
Algeria: Counterterrorism – Algerian experience can serve as example (All Africa, 3 March 2015)
Interview with NHK (Japanese and English) (NHK, 14 February 2015) [LINK TO BE ADDED]
Global cyber defense demand will exceed capability for years to come (DefenseOne, 28 January 2015)
WEF: Some forum it is! (Business Recorder, 27 January 2015)
Cyber experts warn on Cameron””s eavesdropping plans (The Telegraph, 24 January 2015)
Davos elites warned about catastrophic cyberattacks (, 24 January 2015)
Davos alerta de las consecuencias catastróficas de los ciberataques (El Espectador, 24 January 2015)
Eugene Kaspersky talks at Davos (IT-Online, 22 January 2015)
Davos 2015 takes aim at the future of the Internet (and cyber-security) (The Huffington Post, 20 January 2015)
Lutte antiterrorisme : les réponses de l”Union européenne (RFI, 19 January 2015)
« Un système d”échange de données européen serait plus efficace et protecteur de la liberté des citoyens » (Le Monde, 14 January 2015)
Impunity for terrorist attacks on civilians “not an option” (UN Radio, 12 January 2015)
BBC World Service interview with Jean-Paul Laborde (BBC World Service, 9 January 2014) [LINK TO BE ADDED]
Attentat contre Charlie Hebdo : rien ne justifie de tells actes mais il faut réduire les fractures sociales, selon Jean-Paul Laborde (Radio des Nations Unies, 9 January 2015)
No IS presence but AFP on its toes Manila (Standard Today, 15 December 2014)
AFP says UN report of ””No ISIS in PH” boosts its claim ever since (InterAksyon, 14 December 2014)
UN official: No evidence of ISIS in the Philippines (Rappler, 14 December 2014)
No sign of ISIS militants in Philippines: United Nations (Associated Press, 11 December 2014)
UN executive: ISIS not yet in the Philippines, but Government should remain alert (GMA News, 11 December 2014)
España defiende la eficacia de las sanciones frente a la financiación del terrorismo (Europa Press, 28 November 2014)
Navarra recuerda a las víctimas con una escultura en el Parlamento (ABC, 28 November 2014)
Jean-Paul Laborde (Naciones Unidas), ensalza el libro ””Relatos de plomo”: “Har que dar la palabra a las víctimas” (, 27 November 2014)
At UN meeting, prevention cited as key factor in fight against terrorism-related kidnapping (UN News Centre, 24 November 2014)
World At One/Martha Kearney interview with Jean-Paul Laborde (BBC Radio 4, 18 November 2014) [LINK TO BE ADDED]
UN officials meet Jaffna commander (News.LK, 31 October 2014)
Commonwealth encourages Sri Lanka to accelerate efforts towards sustainable reconciliation (News.LK, 30 October 2014)
Top UN team to visit Jaffna while here (Colombo Gazette, 28 October 2014)
UN Counter-Terrorism Committee delegation to arrive in Sri Lanka today (Colombo Page, 28 October 2014)
UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate here (Daily Mirror, 28 October 2014)
Conseil de sécurité : un mois après l”adoption de la résolution 2178, la lutte contre les combattants terroristes étrangers progresse (Radio des Nations Unies, 27 October 2014)
Foreign terrorist targeted by UN (UN Radio, 24 October 2014)
BBC World Service interview with Jean-Paul Laborde (BBC World Service, 13 October 2014) [LINK TO BE ADDED]
Democracy live: Foreign Affairs Committee (of the European Union) (BBC, 16 October 2014)
Daesh est à nos frontiers (L’Expression, 13 October 2014)
EI : « On ne peut pas lutter contre le terrorisme avec les seules forces militaires » (Le Monde, 8 October 2014)
« Nous devons vraiment contrer l’EI miltiairement » (RFI, 6 October 2014)
Entretien avec Jean-Paul Laborde, directeur exécutif du Comité contre le terrorisme de l’ONU (France24, 4 October 2014)
Interview with Jean-Paul Laborde, Head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (France24 (English), 4 October 2014)
Le Canada va participer aux frappes aériennes contre EI en Irak (RTBF, 3 October 2014)
Face aux jihadistes de l’EI, « Nous allons suffrir » (AFP / La Libre Belgique, 3 October 2014)
Morocco’s unique approach to defusing extremism highlighted at the UN (The North Africa Post, 3 October 2014)
Le Maroc est dote d’une “bonne pratique” en matière d’enseignement de la religion et de l’Islam modéré (responsable onusien) (AtlasInfo, 1 October 2014)
Morocco shares its approach to fighting terrorism and extremism (UN Radio, 30 September 2014)
Le Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU consacre une réunion de haut niveau à l’approche marocaine (Le Matin, 30 September 2014)
UN official says Morocco has ‘good practices’ in teaching religion, moderate Islam (Morocco World News, 30 September 2014)
Prévention de terrorisme : le Maroc partage ses bonnes pratiques dans ce domaine au Conseil de sécurité (Radio des Nations Unies, 30 September 2014)
At UN meeting, tolerance and education highlighted as critical allies against terrorism (UN News Centre, 30 September 2014)
White House security breach, video games/future of unknown conflict in the week ahead (Roll Call, 29 September 2014)
NHK interview with Jean-Paul Laborde (NHK, 27 September 2014) [LINK TO BE ADDED]
Combattants terroristes étrangers : une resolution contraignante et adaptée aux enjeux, selon Jean-Paul Laborde (Radio des Nations Unies, 25 September 2014)
Terrorisme : La nécessité de renforcer les systems de justice pénale (Radio des Nations Unies, 11 June 2014)
L’Ukraine s’invite à la conférence d’Interlaken : Anti-terrorisme (Tribune de Genève, 28 April 2014)
Terrorisme : le problème de l’utilisation frauduleuse des documents de voyage (Radio des Nations Unies, 26 April 2014)
Maroc : Ouverture à Rabat du Forum international de lutte contre le terrorisme (La Vie Eco, 2 April 2014)
Jihad by social media (Financial Times Magazine, 28 March 2014)
Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons (United Kingdom): Jean-Paul Laborde as witness providing evidence (, 28 January 2014 begins at 15:43)