Open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee on Addendum to the Madrid Guiding Principles 22 February at 10:00am

A practical tool to assist Member States in stemming the flow of foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), the so-called Madrid Guiding Principles were identified at a Special meeting of the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee held in Madrid in July 2015. In light of important developments since, including the adoption by the Security Council of its resolution 2396 (2017) that focuses on returning and relocating FTFs, the Committee saw a need to update these principles – and did so in December 2018.

In order to raise awareness and strengthen the understanding of these 17 guiding principles, known as Addendum to the Madrid Guiding Principles, the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee will organize an Open briefing. Taking place at United Nations headquarters on Friday 22 February 2019 in Conference Room 2 from 10:00am to 1:00pm, the briefing is open to Member and Observer States, members of the media including photographers with valid accreditation, United Nations staff and interns, UN entities, intergovernmental organizations, and specialized agencies, as well as invited guests with a valid UN grounds pass. The event will be also be webcast at

Specific areas that will be further discussed include:

  • addressing radicalization and recruitment to  terrorism, including through risk-assessment tools, intervention programmes and prison programmes;
  • handling different types of evidence, including digital data, financial intelligence, and intelligence collected by means of special investigative techniques;
  • countering the financing of terrorism;
  • preventing and combating the illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons (SALW);
  • ensuring appropriate responses in cases involving children, in the contexts of border control and information-sharing; and
  • ensuring appropriate responses in cases involving children, in the contexts of legal frameworks and procedures and the development and implementation of prosecution, rehabilitation, and reintegration (PRR) strategies.

The draft agenda of the CTC open briefing can be accessed here.

Additional information: CTED PowerPoint presentation on 2018 Addendum to the 2015 Madrid Guiding Principles (as presented at the CTC Special meeting on 13 December 2018).

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