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PRESS RELEASE United Nations Security Council Two UN Security Council Committees and the Financial Action Task Force hold special meeting on depriving terrorist groups from accessing, raising, and moving funds

(NEW YORK) Despite efforts by the international community to deprive terrorists and terrorist groups of financial resources and prevent them from accessing the international financial system, terrorist groups continue to find ways to raise and move funds. Of particular concern is the urgent need to improve implementation of existing mechanisms for identifying and disrupting terrorist financing to prevent returning foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), dormant terrorist cells, and other terrorist support networks from accessing funds and assets.

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„Die Menschen sind vomThema Terrorismus besessen“

STANDARD: Hat man in Ihrer Position eigentlich mehr oder weniger Angst vor Terror? Laborde: Es geht weniger um die Frage der Angst als darum, wie man mit der Realität umgeht. Wir leben in einer Zeit, in der die Gefahr durch Terrorismus zuletzt zugenommen hat. Mit dieser müssen wir lernen umzugehen.

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Paris attacks showed role of small transactions in terror finance; UN meeting hears

Paris attacks showed role of small transactions in terror finance; UN meeting hears Apr 15 2016 Brett Wolf, Regulatory Intelligence The November terror attacks in Paris were in part financed through welfare benefits received in Belgium that were moved via Western Union transfers, according to the head of the Belgian government's financial intelligence unit. The [...]

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Press Conference by Chief, Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate

Mr. Smith was speaking at a Headquarters press conference of a three-day workshop, conducted by the United Nations in Dhaka, Bangladesh earlier this week, to build counter-terrorism cooperation between countries in South Asia, an area with a long history of terrorist activities. The recent bombing in Peshawar, terrorist attacks on the office of the World Food Programme in Pakistan, in Kabul, in Mumbai last year, and the years during which Sri Lanka had to deal with attacks from the Tamil Tigers were all reminders of that fact, he said.

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