CTED participates in GCTF gathering on capacity-building for West Africa

On 27-28 November 2018, CTED participated in the second plenary meeting of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) Working Group on Capacity-Building in West Africa. Convened by the Working Group co-chairs, Algeria and Canada, and held in Algiers, the meeting focused on current capacity-building efforts in the region, as well as the provision of effective support to West African States through international co-operation.

CTED participated in the GCTF gathering in Algiers

In the meeting, the participating West African States provided updates on their progress and challenges with respect to the seven priority themes identified in the Working Group’s Work Plan (2017-2019). These themes include countering terrorist financing; dealing with returnees and their families; border-security management; police co-operation; preventing/countering violent extremism national action plans; the integration of gender perspectives into counter-terrorism responses; and legislative frameworks. GCTF members identified the priorities for the region, whereas GCTF partner organizations provided an update on their programmes.


Participation in the second plenary session provided CTED with an opportunity to engage with GCTF Member States, and to discuss their priority assistance goals with respect to West Africa. It also enabled CTED, in line with Security Council resolution 2395 (2017), to share its assessments and analysis with GCTF members. CTED will continue to update GCTF, its partners, and GCTF-inspired-institutions on the requirements of the relevant Council resolutions and on the evolution of the overall international counter-terrorism framework.


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