CTED presents first trends report – on the protection of critical infrastructure

In a dedicated debate, the Security Council on 13 February 2017 called upon Member States to address the risk of terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure. Through its resolution 2341, adopted on the same date, the Council directs its Counter-Terrorism Committee, with the support of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), to examine Member States’ efforts to protect critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks.

CTED Trends Report 8 March 2017 - Banner

As a direct follow-up to this resolution, CTED has produced a first Trends Report – on the Physical protection of critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks. Based on information gathered from partners in the Committee’s Global Counter-Terrorism Research Network, the report is intended to bring to the attention of policymakers the analytical perspectives of academia and international and regional organizations. Prepared for informational purposes only, this work is also part of CTED’s mandate stemming from Security Council resolution 2129 (2013), which requests CTED to identify emerging issues, trends, and developments, and to further engage and enhance its partnership with academia and other entities in conducting research and information-gathering. The report does not necessarily represent the views of the Committee or any of its members.

The Trends Report is available here.

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