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Academic institutions and the evidence-based research they produce are an important aspect of the work of the Counter-Terrorism Committee and its Executive Directorate (CTED).

In its resolution 2129 (2013), the Security Council directs CTED to identify emerging issues, trends and developments relating to relevant Security Council resolutions. In accordance with the resolution, and in order to strengthen its existing research and analysis capabilities, CTED launched the Global Research Network (GRN) in February 2015.

The GRN enables CTED to leverage the expertise of research institutes and think tanks from across the globe. Consisting of over 100 leading research institutions, the GRN provides CTED with evidence-based research insights from diverse regional perspectives.

Through this collaborative exchange of information and analysis, CTED is able to keep abreast of emerging terrorism trends, developments and challenges, as well as effective approaches to address them.

In its resolution 2395 (2017), the Council reiterates CTED’s essential role to identify and assess issues, trends and developments, and notes the value of CTED’s relationships with, inter alia, academia, think tanks and international, regional and subregional organizations, in promoting an analysis of emerging threats and trends.

CTED regularly brings relevant research outcomes and analysis, as well as other issues raised by its research partners, to the attention of the 15 members of the Committee. The GRN therefore provides a unique platform for dialogue between researchers and policymakers on issues of concern to the Security Council, the Committee, and United Nations Member States.

In an effort to broaden this exchange of information of analysis and expertise, CTED produces several regular publications, which help to facilitate two-way communication between the GRN and the broader counter-terrorism policymaking community. Those publications include bi-monthly CTED research digests, a quarterly GRN newsletter, trends reports, and CTED’s newest publication, the Trends Alert.

CTED continues to seek engagement with institutions producing evidence-based research that is relevant to the work of the Committee and CTED. Please contact us at

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