I strongly believe that the Global Focal Point (GFP) arrangement has become a new, indispensable, and system-wide delivery platform….over time this partnership has proven to be so much more than the sum of its parts. Together with UN Women, UNODC, and OHCHR, the GFP is conducting joint assessments, formulating country-specific plans, providing expertise, marshaling resources, and focusing attention on rule of law priorities in the world's most under-served communities - thus helping to prevent conflict, provide stability, and sustain peace over the long term. My colleagues and I are strongly convinced that this platform should be institutionalized and further strengthened…

Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions, UN DPKO

Global Focal Point for the Rule of Law (GFP)

At Headquarters, the UN is working through coordination arrangements and mechanisms, in particular, theGlobal Focal Point for the Rule of Law (GFP). This platform is co-chaired by Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI) of Department of Peace Operations and United Nations Development programme (UNDP) and enables UNODC, UNHCR, OHCHR, EOSG, UN Women and others to jointly pursue shared objectives, in accordance with their mandates and capacities, from the articulation of priority strategic objectives to the integrated planning stage through the design and delivery of results. The GFP is a field-focused arrangement designed to strengthen the provision of rule of law assistance to address and prevent violent conflict, to protect human rights and to restore justice and security for conflict-affected people in both peace operations mission and non-mission settings.


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Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group (RoLCRG)

At the Senior Executive level, the Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group (RoLCRG) is chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General, has the overall leadership role for the rule of law. The ROLCRG was established to advance United Nations’ efforts on the rule of law in a coordinated and collaborative manner. ROLCRG brings together entities across the United Nations on a range of key issues that have an impact on peace and security, human rights and development. It ensures that the United Nations is able to foresee new opportunities and address new challenges. The Group takes into account the emergence of new realities and actors in the field of the rule of law and provides guidance to ensure overall coordination and coherence in the Organization’s support to Member States. With strengthened leadership and new institutional arrangements in place, the organization is better placed to address the challenges faced in strengthening the rule of law.

To respond to the interest of encompassing within the framework of the rule of law a broader range of UN activities, the membership of the RoLCRG now includes 20 entities with important normative components in their mandates (DESADPADPKOOCHAOHCHROLA,OSRSG for Children and Armed ConflictOSRSG on Sexual Violence in ConflictPBSOUNDEFUNDPUNEPUNESCOUN-Habitat,UNHCRUNICEFUNODCUNOPSUN WomenWorld Bank).