UNDP Annual Rule of Law Meeting: Strengthening the Rule of Law for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development (12-15 June 2017, UNHQ New York)

Preventing conflict and Sustaining Peace are being hailed as among the highest of global priorities for the UN System. The adoption of concurrent Security Council and General Assembly resolutions in April 2016 is an impetus for renewed attention in these areas (S/RES/2282 (2016). Also see: https://theglobalobservatory.org/2016/04/sustaining-peace-peacebuilding-united-nations-sdg/).

Accordingly, understanding how the linkages between the three pillars of the UN Charter – development, peace and security, and human rights – contribute to these priorities tops the agenda for improving UN System effectiveness and coordination. The rule of law and human rights continue to be recognized as key areas in which the collaboration across the organization can increase the possibility for transformational change through streamlined, coherent analysis, planning, and delivery of high quality assistance.

Against this backdrop, the ninth UNDP Annual Meeting on Strengthening the Rule of Law for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development will be held from 12-15 June 2017 in New York. UNDP seeks to use the platform of its 2017 Annual Meeting not only to report back on the work facilitated through its Global Rule of Law Programme, but more broadly to probe and highlight how the UN system can orient its collective efforts in support of member states to strengthen justice, security, and promote human rights. As one of the few global-level events within the UN system dedicated exclusively to rule of law assistance, the 2017 Annual Rule of Law Meeting presents a unique opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to shape the Sustaining Peace and prevention agendas through targeted discussions on rule of law assistance and impact.

Throughout the week, the Annual Meeting will feature insights from national leaders as well as high-level UN officials, and will serve as an opportunity to outline the vision for the rule of law community and programming in line with the 2030 and Sustaining Peace agendas. The event will also examine UNDP’s rule of law and human rights assistance, including through the UNDP Rule of Law Programme, through the Global Focal Point for Police, Justice and Corrections (in partnership with DPKO, UN Women, OHCHR, UNODC and others), and through other partnerships with civil society and think tanks.