“Having closely consulted UN partners, as well as my predecessor, I strongly believe that the Global Focal Point (GFP) arrangement has become a new, indispensable, and system-wide delivery platform. In the beginning, DPKO, UNDP, and other partners created the GFP arrangement simply to leverage comparative advantages, but over time this partnership has proven to be so much more than the sum of its parts. Together with UN Women, UNODC, and OHCHR, the GFP is conducting joint assessments, formulating country-specific plans, providing expertise, marshalling resources, and focusing attention on rule of law priorities in the world’s most under-served communities – thus helping to prevent conflict, provide stability, and sustain peace over the long term. My colleagues and I are strongly convinced that this platform should be institutionalized and further strengthened by providing it with a modest managerial structure.”

Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions,

        Within a drastically changing political landscape and the global community facing multi-dimensional challenges, the UN Security Council and the 71st session of the General Assembly introduced the concept of Sustainable peace to release peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions from the confines of post-conflict environments. This new paradigm for peace encompasses efforts that prevent conflict and build positive peace; irrespective of which stage of conflict a country might – or might not – be experiencing.

        Since 2012, UNDP and DPKO have led the Global Focal Point for Police, Justice and Corrections (GFP) as nonlinear approach to peacebuilding via the rule of law. Supported by different entities, the GFP provides a continuity of services to sustain progress for transformational change and foster joint planning, assessment, and implementation of rule of law activities in conflict-affected situations.

        The program is entrusted to convene UN entities in order to respond to country level requests of system-wide relevance. Co-located partners as OHCHR, UN Women, UNODC and others have contributed with their expertise to bridge gaps between peacekeeping, development, political and peace sustainment and human rights to create a single-entry point for system-wide rule of law assistance.

        Through joint assessments, planning and programming the GFP has been supporting a one UN approach to the Rule of Law and striving to increase its impact by: