Biennial Review

Annual Review becomes Biennial Review

Civil society organizations formally associated with the Department of Global Communications are now required to report on their activities every two years instead of every year. Because of this new reporting period, the exercise will change its name from Annual Review to Biennial Review.

In essence, the Biennial Review replaces the Annual Review. This self-reporting exercise allows organizations formally associated with DGC to report on their most recent activities and communication programmes and to (re)designate up to six individuals that will represent the organization before the UN and will be eligible to obtain grounds passes to UNHQ New York.

Civil society organizations, whose reports have been positively evaluated, will be eligible to designate representatives for the next two years. Please note that the designations must be renewed every year.

2020 Report

The current state of the global COVID-19 pandemic has interfered with life and work for all of us, and we know that this situation has impacted the work of your organizations and, very likely, altered the level of activity as prior to the pandemic.

For this reason, we are asking all associated organizations to focus their reports on what their organizations have done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. help the local community, raise awareness on the COVID-19 spread, held virtual events, etc.). For each reported activity, we ask that organizations include detailed descriptions and supporting communication material: e.g., link to the webpage, document, social media post, online newsletter, photo album, etc. If you would like to share a file, kindly upload it to an online repository such as Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc. and share the access link with us.

While we would like to receive information on three activities, we understand that this may not be possible, so the minimum requirement is reporting on one activity.

The email with the link to complete the questionnaire will bw sent out to all organizations associated with DGC. If your organization has not received the email, please reach out to us via email.

Deadline, Evaluations and Designations of Representatives

The deadline to submit the 2020 Report has been extended to 28 February 2021.

Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, we will evaluate it and notify the organization if the submission was positively evaluated or if it needs editing. Please allow at least two weeks for the Civil Society Unit to evaluate the submissions and inform each organization on the evaluation result.

At this point, we will not be collecting information on designations of representatives. We will reach out to all organizations associated with DGC in the future for this purpose. However, please note that in order to be eligible to designate representatives, organizations associated with DGC must complete and submit this Biennial Review questionnaire. Organizations that fail to submit the questionnaire by the given deadline will not be able to designate representatives, nor obtain grounds passes for UNHQ in New York.

Please be reminded that access to the UN Headquarters in New York is currently restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and CSO representatives cannot collect their grounds passes for UN Headquarters in New York nor enter the premises. Once the restrictions are lifted, we will inform all organizations accordingly. We appreciate your understanding.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to us via email: with a subject line ‘2020 Report’