Regional workshops are expected to serve as a vector to reinforce the capacity of States to participate in the Regular Process, undertake and/or participate in assessments, and more generally reinforce the science-policy interface. They are also expected to foster a wider geographical representation and a range of expertise in the appointment of experts to the Pool of Experts of the Regular Process.  

The regional workshops held during the first cycle of the Regular Process have made an important contribution, including to sensitize stakeholders about the Regular Process and assemble useful information for the First Global Integrated Marine Assessment (first World Ocean Assessment). The first round of regional workshops of the second cycle of the Regular Process helped raise awareness about and receive feedback on the first World Ocean Assessment, inform the scoping and preparation phases of the second world ocean assessment, and generate interest from the scientific community. Importantly, they also served to reinforce understanding and knowledge on the Regular Process, and more broadly on the science-policy interface as well as the relevant capacity priorities and needs of the workshop regions.

The second round of regional workshops, scheduled to begin in the second half of 2018, is meant to inform the preparation of the second world ocean assessment, and to, inter alia, inform the collection of regional-level information and data for the preparation of that assessment.