Fact sheet on the Secretary-General’s initiatives to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse

In March 2017, the Secretary-General outlined a comprehensive four-pronged strategy to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse across the United Nations system. The elements of the strategy are to: (a) prioritize the rights and dignity of victims; (b) end impunity through strengthened reporting and investigations, including clarifying limitations on the United Nations to achieve criminal accountability; (c) engage with civil society and external partners; and (d) improve strategic communication for education and transparency. In the implementation of this strategy, the Secretary-General focused on putting the United Nations “own house in order”—putting in place mechanisms under his authority.

To enhance coordination and ensure sustained high-level attention on the issue, the Secretary-General mandated the Special Coordinator on improving United Nations response to sexual exploitation and abuse to coordinate the implementation of the strategy throughout the United Nations system and ensure a harmonized approach through the development of aligned mechanisms and procedures, standardized protocols and tools.

A Fact Sheet of key initiatives [PDF] undertaken or built upon by United Nations Entities in accordance with the Secretary-General’s commitment to combat sexual exploitation and abuse is available and updated regularly.