19 October 2018

Realizing the shared vision of “leaving no one behind” of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 is contingent on the international community’s ability to mobilize resources, transfer technology, and forgive debt, delegates told the General Assembly today.

18 October 2018

Millions of people risk being left behind due to the impact of rapid technological change, the General Assembly heard today as speakers called for increased cooperation to harness the positive and transformative power of technology to improve the livelihood of people around the world.

17 October 2018

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals is essential to ensuring that the legacies of the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda Tribunals endure, the General Assembly heard today, as speakers considered the Mechanism’s first year as a “stand‑alone institution”.

16 October 2018

The General Assembly decided today to provide additional rights and privileges of participation to the State of Palestine when it assumes its position as chair of the “Group of 77” developing countries and China for the year 2019.

12 October 2018

The General Assembly today elected 18 States to the Human Rights Council, the United Nations body responsible for promoting and protecting all human rights around the globe.

10 October 2018

The General Assembly adopted two resolutions containing political declarations on urgent global responses to tuberculosis and on accelerating efforts to address non-communicable diseases.

8 October 2018

As the ultimate bastion of multilateralism, the United Nations is the best bulwark against the rising tide of protectionism and unilateralism, the General Assembly heard today as it took up the Secretary‑General’s annual report on the work of the Organization.

2 October 2018

The Nelson Mandela Peace Summit concluded today as senior Government officials and representatives of international organizations called on world leaders to uphold the principles Mr. Mandela stood for — courage, humility and tolerance — to promote peace and stability across the globe.  Speakers stressed that Mr. Mandela’s teachings are the foundation for global peace initiatives.

1 October 2018

As the General Assembly concluded its high‑level debate amid calls for regional solidarity, multilateralism and respect for human rights, Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés (Ecuador) said discussions over the past week underscored not only the relevance of the 193‑member organ, but the Organization as a whole.

29 September 2018

World leaders underscored the continuing threats of terrorism and cybersecurity while urging protection of valuable principles such as freedom of the press and peaceful electoral processes, as the General Assembly general debate entered its fifth day.

28 September 2018

As the General Assembly entered the fourth day of its general debate today, world leaders once again called to the fore the threats posed by climate change and unilateralism and their impact on international peace and security, while also highlighting several successful transitions from conflict to peace as proof that diplomacy and multilateralism are effective and offer a hopeful sign for the future.

27 September 2018

As the General Assembly entered the third day of its general debate, African leaders underscored their countries’ efforts towards greater democracy and sustainable development, with calls for expanded multilateral cooperation and Security Council reforms.

26 September 2018

Tackling a wide range of international concerns ranging from the long‑term consequences of colonialism and climate change to increasing inequality and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, nearly 40 Heads of State and Government recalled the lessons of history and spoke of challenges, initiatives and progress, as the General Assembly general debate entered its second day.

25 September 2018

With the world suffering from a bad case of “trust deficit disorder”, its leaders must not only advance the welfare of their people, but also promote a reformed, reinvigorated and strengthened multilateral system, Secretary-General António Guterres said today as the General Assembly opened its seventy-third general debate.

24 September 2018

Unanimously adopting a political declaration at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, nearly 100 Heads of State and Government, Ministers, Member States and representatives of civil society today committed to redoubling efforts to build a just, peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, and fair world, as they paid tribute to the late South African President’s celebrated qualities and service to humanity.

21 September 2018

Paying homage to the late Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who passed away on 18 August, Member States, colleagues and family convened in the General Assembly today to remember him as a child of Africa, the first and only United Nations chief to rise through the ranks of the Secretariat, and a leader who steered the Organization during some of its most troubling times.

21 September 2018

Acting on the recommendation of its General Committee, the General Assembly adopted the work programme and agenda for its seventy-third session today, deciding to include the item “Situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine”, and for the second consecutive year, the item “The Responsibility to Protect and the prevention of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity”.

18 September 2018

Commencing the seventy-third session of the General Assembly today, María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés (Ecuador), the organ’s fourth woman President in the Organization’s 73 years, said she is assuming her role with a “profound sense of responsibility” and a sense of urgency to go beyond a political agenda.

17 September 2018

The General Assembly today adopted a resolution related to the ongoing process aimed at revitalizing its work, while also allocating a list of items for consideration at its seventy-third session, slated to open formally on 18 September.

17 September 2018

Concluding the General Assembly’s seventy-second session today, the outgoing President spotlighted salient trends emerging over recent years — ranging from more robust support for conflict prevention efforts to intensifying attacks on multilateralism — before handing the gavel to the President-elect of the seventy‑third session.