15 January 2019

The General Assembly today elected Mustapha El Baaj (Morocco) to the roster of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals for a term until 30 June 2020, selecting him from a list of candidates submitted to it by the Security Council (document A/73/578).

22 December 2018

Concluding the main part of its seventy-third session, the General Assembly tonight adopted 24 resolutions and 2 decisions recommended by its main Committees, including texts on management and fiscal issues, as well as on nuclear disarmament, human rights and eliminating racism.

21 December 2018

The Assembly today rejected a resolution which would have called on the Russian Federation and United States to strengthen compliance for the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), and elected members to various bodies, including one judge to the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals.

20 December 2018

The General Assembly today adopted resolutions and decisions of its Second (Economic and Financial) and Sixth (Legal) Committees, also adopting four texts — including one calling for compliance with International Court of Justice judgments — from its plenary session.

19 December 2018

The General Assembly endorsed the recently adopted Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration today, the first-ever international cooperation framework for effectively addressing issues that concern the world’s 258 million people on the move and countries of origin, transit and destination.

18 December 2018

The General Assembly today commemorated anniversaries of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action and the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, with high-level plenary meetings that included a dedicated award ceremony honouring the 2018 recipients of the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights.

17 December 2018

The General Assembly endorsed the Global Compact on Refugees today — an historic agreement aiming to forge a stronger and fairer response to refugee movements — as it adopted 53 resolutions and 6 decisions recommended by its Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural).

17 December 2018

The General Assembly today adopted a resolution urging the Russian Federation to withdraw its military forces from Crimea and end its temporary occupation of Ukraine’s territory without delay, but rejected an amendment that would have called on both sides to investigate an incident in November involving the seizure of three Ukrainian vessels and crew.

14 December 2018

The General Assembly today adopted four resolutions on coordinating humanitarian and disaster relief aid, as Member States echoed concerns that global crises and attacks on humanitarian personnel continue to increase as millions of people are forcibly displaced worldwide.

13 December 2018

As the General Assembly considered seven draft resolutions today on issues ranging from the return of cultural property to education for democracy, speakers held a contentious debate, resulting in a recorded vote on two texts tackling global health, as well as one on the fortifying of ties between the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

12 December 2018

The General Assembly today adopted four resolutions which promote a culture of peace, tolerance, diplomacy and multilateralism, before filling vacancies in the Committee for Programme and Coordination, as well as in the Committee on Conferences.

7 December 2018

Upon the recommendation of its Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization), the General Assembly adopted 36 resolutions and 4 decisions today, on issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and decolonization, among others.

6 December 2018

Speakers today warned of escalating violence as the General Assembly adopted its annual resolution pledging to support the people and Government of Afghanistan.

6 December 2018

The General Assembly decided today to reiterate its call for the achievement of just and lasting peace in the Middle East while also failing to adopt a text condemning actions by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza.

5 December 2018

Aligning itself with the recommendations of its First Committee (Disarmament and International Security), the General Assembly adopted 63 resolutions and 4 decisions today, bringing to a close its consideration of the current arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation issues on its agenda alongside emerging cybersecurity and information technology threats.

3 December 2018

The General Assembly today adopted two resolutions promoting the importance of sport as a unifier and proclaiming 24 January the International Day of Education, as it also heard a briefing on progress in the investigation into the death of former Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld.

30 November 2018

The General Assembly today concluded its annual debate on the question of Palestine and the situation in the Middle East by adopting six resolutions — including one calling for a final peace settlement to the Israeli‑Palestinian conflict — with some speakers warning against biased, one‑sided texts.

29 November 2018

The international community must take urgent action to end the suffering of the Palestinian people, ensure that Israel abides by all international laws and promote the conditions where two‑State talks can flourish, the General Assembly heard today as it began a debate on the question of Palestine.

28 November 2018

The General Assembly today elected by secret ballot Joëlle Adda (France) and Francesco Buffa (Italy) as judges on the United Nations Dispute Tribunal and Jean-François Neven (Belgium), Graeme Colgan (New Zealand) and Kanwaldeep Sandhu (Canada) as judges on the Appeals Tribunal.

26 November 2018

The General Assembly adopted nine resolutions today, eight of which focused on promoting cooperation between the United Nations and myriad regional and international organizations, as Member States repeatedly stressed the need for countries to work together to achieve common goals and targets.