11 November 2019

Endorsing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) annual report, the General Assembly today adopted a draft resolution that recognizes the critical role it plays in helping countries to keep nuclear and radioactive material and technologies safe and out of the hands of terrorists and other criminals.

8 November 2019

At a time when the continued operations of the United Nations face uncertainty because of budgeting shortfalls and a liquidity crisis, reducing the number of meetings and consolidating the work of General Assembly is vital to address global challenges and meet development goals, speakers said today during a joint debate on implementing resolutions and revitalizing the organ’s work.

7 November 2019

The General Assembly today adopted its annual resolution to end the United States longstanding embargo against Cuba, with Brazil voting against the text for the first time.

6 November 2019

Delegates from around the world today called for an end to the United States long‑standing economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba, with many States criticizing the Administration of Donald J. Trump for intensifying sanctions and restrictions against the Caribbean island nation over the past year.

4 November 2019

The International Criminal Court exerts the needed pressure against those who “think little of plunging their own people and others into egotistical armed conflicts,” the Court’s President told the General Assembly today as he urged Member States to ratify the Rome Statute to reduce the space for impunity.

1 November 2019

While many Member States praised the Human Rights Council for its inclusivity and focus on abuses occurring around the world, others expressed concern over its membership selection process, as the General Assembly took up the intergovernmental body’s annual report today.

31 October 2019

While the world is not yet on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, there is still time for a course correction, the former President of the Economic and Social Council told the General Assembly today.

30 October 2019

Amid waning trust in multilateral institutions, the International Court of Justice remains a vital force for guarding and enhancing the rule of law at the international level, the General Assembly heard today, as speakers called on all States to accept the Court’s compulsory jurisdiction and ensure it is adequately funded.

23 October 2019

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals is crucial to continue the vital legal work of bringing to justice the perpetrators of atrocities committed in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, the General Assembly heard today, as speakers noted progress in the Mechanism’s second year of functioning.

22 October 2019

International support remains fundamental to help Africa overcome its myriad development challenges including lack of funding and capacity, as the continent strengthens its commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union, the General Assembly heard today.

17 October 2019

The General Assembly today elected 14 States to the Human Rights Council, the United Nations body responsible for promoting and protecting all human rights around the globe.

16 October 2019

The General Assembly today paid tribute to the President of its fiftieth session, Diogo Freitas do Amaral of Portugal, who passed away on 3 October at age 78, with Secretary-General António Guterres praising him as “a renowned jurist, brilliant scholar, and a public servant of the highest order” who played a key role in his country’s democratic process.

15 October 2019

The General Assembly today adopted two resolutions, including one proclaiming 28 September the International Day for Universal Access to Information, and another containing a political declaration by which Member States renewed their commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

10 October 2019

The General Assembly today adopted three resolutions including two containing political declarations on realizing universal health coverage by 2030 and addressing the priorities of small island developing States amid the rising threat of climate change.

30 September 2019

Multilateral cooperation remains an accepted and reliable method of managing relations between States, the President of the General Assembly emphasized today at the conclusion of the general debate of the seventy‑fourth session, as Member States exchanged their views on how to mobilize such collaboration to resolve conflict and achieve sustainable development.

28 September 2019

The world needs stronger multilateralism to tackle its toughest challenges, from climate change and poverty eradication to abuses of human rights and arms proliferation, but its efforts cannot be at the expense of respect for national sovereignty, a bedrock principle of the Charter of the United Nations, speakers emphasized today as the General Assembly continued its annual general debate.

27 September 2019

World leaders today spotlighted the importance of multilateralism and the responsibility of the United Nations to bring countries together, address persisting injustices, and promote a level playing field where all can develop and prosper, as the General Assembly continued its annual high-level debate.

26 September 2019

The adverse impacts of decades-old protracted conflicts — including on human rights, sustainable growth and social cohesion — took centre stage today, as world leaders continued to address the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.

25 September 2019

International peace and security are gravely threatened when national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity — principles on which the United Nations was founded — are undermined and violated, world leaders told the General Assembly today as it continued its annual general debate.

24 September 2019

Amid fears of the largest economies creating two competing worlds — each with its own currency, trade rules, financial norms and zero-sum geopolitics — the United Nations Secretary-General called today upon global leaders gathered for the General Assembly’s annual general debate to maintain a multipolar world in which universal respect for international law and multilateral institutions remains undeniable.