Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council

5 December 2018

The Economic and Social Council met today to fill regular and outstanding vacancies in 11 of its subsidiary bodies, and to delay action on a draft decision that would change the theme of its 2019 session.

13 November 2018

One of the world’s most environmentally degraded areas, the Sahel is suffering from a rise in intercommunal conflict over resources depleted by desertification, drought and other climatic extremes, speakers told a joint meeting of the Economic and Social Council and the Peacebuilding Commission today.

13 November 2018

Speakers explored on the multidimensional nature of resilience and proposed forward‑looking solutions that could help vulnerable small island developing States to confront hurricanes, typhoons, drought and other impacts of climate change, during a special meeting of the Economic and Social Council today.

19 October 2018

The Economic and Social Council today elected, by acclamation, Valentin Rybakov (Belarus) from the Eastern European States as Vice‑President for the 2019 session, completing its Bureau.

26 July 2018

Opening the first meeting of its 2019 session today, the Economic and Social Council elected, by acclamation, Inga Rhonda King (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) as its new President and adopted its provisional agenda and other organizational matters for its upcoming session.

24 July 2018

The Economic and Social Council adopted 13 resolutions and 12 decisions on issues ranging from Haiti’s long-term development, to the economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation, to non-governmental organizations and regional cooperation, as it concluded its 2018 Coordination and Management meetings today.

19 July 2018

The Economic and Social Council concluded its high-level segment today, adopting a sweeping Ministerial Declaration approved a day earlier by the High‑Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

18 July 2018

Adopting its Ministerial Declaration by a vote of 164 in favour to 2 against (Israel, United States), with no abstentions, the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development reaffirmed today its commitment to effectively implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for all people, everywhere.

17 July 2018

Senior Government officials described national efforts to ensure access to drinking water, provide modern energy services and make cities safe for all, as the general debate of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development moved into its second day.

16 July 2018

The ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will have no real impact unless each and every global citizen make a conscious decision to change their daily habits, from the clothes they wear to the food they eat, Michelle Yeoh, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassador, said today, setting the tone for the opening day of the ministerial segment of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

13 July 2018

Wrapping up its first week of meetings examining progress and challenges on efforts to achieve the objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development held two panels on two Sustainable Developments Goals.

12 July 2018

Amid faltering multilateralism and growing inequalities, regional partners shared mixed results in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals today, as the High‑Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development considered how best to support peer-learning among countries and stakeholders in efforts to create a better world for all by 2030.

11 July 2018

The High‑level Political Forum on Sustainable Development turned its attention today to the world’s many fast‑growing cities, with speakers making the human rights case for housing and highlighting the urgent need to conserve and expand public space in the urban environment.

10 July 2018

Despite significant progress in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the world is not yet on track to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030, as set out in Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Economic and Social Council’s High-Level Political Forum heard today as it continued to review progress made in implementing the Goals.

9 July 2018

Taking stock of current achievements aimed at fulfilling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Economic and Social Council today opened its third annual High‑level Political Forum to review gains made through a lens of the central theme:  transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.

3 July 2018

The Economic and Social Council adopted a draft resolution on support to the remaining Non-Self-Governing Territories today, requesting that the specialized agencies and other parts of the United Nations system take steps to accelerate progress in the economic and social sectors of the Territories.

2 July 2018

The Economic and Social Council today adopted or approved for the General Assembly’s adoption 6 draft resolutions and 11 draft decisions, presented by its subsidiary bodies on a wide of issues, including drugs and crime, indigenous peoples and non-communicable diseases, as it resumed its coordination and management meeting.

21 June 2018

Concluding its humanitarian affairs segment, the Economic and Social Council today adopted a resolution on improving emergency response, stressing that the United Nations could better coordinate the protection of civilians, including women and children, persons with disabilities, the wounded, sick and displaced.

20 June 2018

Prompt and effective action was key to addressing the sweeping impact of armed conflict on children as well as the myriad effects of climate change on the most vulnerable sectors of society, speakers said today as the Economic and Social Council continued its humanitarian affairs segment.

19 June 2018

At a time when the global humanitarian response system was struggling to meet an unprecedented demand in aid for millions of people displaced by natural disasters and conflict, new approaches and stronger partnerships were key to overcome urgent challenges, the Economic and Social Council heard today at the opening of its humanitarian affairs segment.