20 May 2019

The Peacebuilding Commission looks forward to a review of its work in 2020 by the General Assembly and the Security Council as an opportunity to take stock of progress made and to explore ways to strengthen the United Nations efforts in forging sustainable peace in places where conflict once reigned, the General Assembly heard today as it took up the Secretary-General’s annual reports on the Commission and the Peacebuilding Fund.

28 January 2019

Convening its first 2019 meeting, the Peacebuilding Commission today elected Guillermo Fernández de Soto Valderrama (Colombia) as Chair of its thirteenth session, while also adopting a work plan aimed at expanding the Commission’s work and building synergies both within and beyond the United Nations system.

18 December 2018

The Security Council today encouraged the Peacebuilding Commission to present it with concise and targeted recommendations on efforts to sustain peace in specific situations, ahead of reviews of mandates of United Nations operations.

13 November 2018

One of the world’s most environmentally degraded areas, the Sahel is suffering from a rise in intercommunal conflict over resources depleted by desertification, drought and other climatic extremes, speakers told a joint meeting of the Economic and Social Council and the Peacebuilding Commission today.

7 September 2018

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks to the Peacebuilding Commission’s ambassadorial-level meeting on “Leadership, accountability and capacities”, in New York today:

29 June 2018

United Nations Peacebuilding Commission emphasized its convening role and the value of partnerships, as well as the need to improve coordination with the Council’s own activities in order to better advise the 15-nation organ.

24 May 2018

While the Peacebuilding Commission had become more adaptive — expanding its work to the Gambia, Solomon Islands and the Sahel — it must do more to coordinate its efforts, particularly with the Security Council, delegates in the General Assembly stressed today, as they explored how the advisory body could foster coherence among United Nations endeavours in building and sustaining peace around the world.

26 April 2018

The General Assembly capped its high-level debate on peacebuilding and sustaining peace today with a consensus resolution welcoming the Secretary-General’s January 2018 report on those activities and deciding to further discuss his recommendations to address existing gaps.

26 April 2018

The Security Council, acting in parallel with the General Assembly today, took note of a raft of proposals by Secretary‑General António Guterres on ways to accelerate the United Nations “Peacebuilding and sustaining peace” agenda, as well as the Assembly’s decision to track progress towards its implementation.  (For more information, please see Press Release GA/12014.)

25 April 2018

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks to the Security Council meeting on peacebuilding and sustaining peace, in New York today:

25 April 2018

The General Assembly continued its high‑level debate on peacebuilding and sustaining peace today with speakers underscoring the value of the Peacebuilding Fund, a people‑centred approach to human security and the need to tackle poverty and other causes of violence by way of the Sustainable Development Goals.

25 April 2018

With the adoption of landmark resolutions on the concepts of peacebuilding and sustaining peace imminent, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres urged Member States to strengthen their focus on conflict prevention, address its root causes and embark on a “quantum leap” in funding those critical activities, in a briefing to the Security Council this afternoon.

24 April 2018

Member States must go beyond resolutions and statements and recommit to a new approach to peace, the General Assembly heard today during a high-level debate that explored opportunities for strengthening the United Nations work on sustaining peace.

24 April 2018

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks to the General Assembly high-level meeting on peacebuilding and sustaining peace, in New York today:

20 April 2018

The President of the General Assembly, Miroslav Lajčák (Slovakia), will convene a high-level meeting on peacebuilding and sustaining peace on 24 and 25 April 2018 at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

5 March 2018

Following are UN Secretary‑General António Guterres’ remarks to the General Assembly meeting on the Secretary-General’s report on peacebuilding and sustaining peace, in New York today:

13 December 2017

Following are UN Deputy Secretary‑General Amina Mohammed’s remarks to the Peacebuilding Commission meeting on the Sahel, in New York today:

30 June 2017

The Peacebuilding Commission opened its fourth annual session today, adopting a joint statement with the World Bank to reaffirm the importance of a strong relationship between the two bodies, as outlined in the newly signed United Nations-World Bank Partnership Framework for Crisis-Affected Situations.

28 June 2017

Following are UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed's remarks, as prepared for delivery, to the joint Economic and Social Council-Peacebuilding Commission meeting on the situation in the Sahel, in New York today:

28 June 2017

Despite numerous strategies to improve security, governance and development, the situation in the Sahel remained fragile, speakers in a joint meeting of the Economic and Social Council and Peacebuilding Commission agreed today, amid calls for Governments and international partners to improve coherence on the ground by matching short-term objectives with a longer term vision for the region.