Sixth Committee

11 November 2016

Holding to its long-standing tradition of approving texts without a vote, the Sixth Committee (Legal) concluded the work of its seventy-first session today by taking action on 10 resolutions, one request for observer status and a draft decision on programme planning.

7 November 2016

Following its debate on the revitalization of the work of the General Assembly, the Sixth Committee (Legal) today approved without a vote a request for Observer status and six draft resolutions related to its work during the seventy-first session.

4 November 2016

After receiving oral reports of four different Working Groups, the Sixth committee today approved without a vote three resolutions recommending to the General Assembly requests for Observer status.

3 November 2016

The Committee on Relations with the Host Country provided an open environment where members and interested delegations could raise any relevant concerns, the Sixth Committee (Legal) heard today during its consideration of that body’s report.

2 November 2016

Continuing its review of third‑cluster topics from the International Law Commission’s report, Sixth Committee (Legal) delegates pointed to several aspects which they said needed further work or were cause for concern.

1 November 2016

Speakers pointed to the legally complex and politically sensitive nature of the work of the International Law Commission (ILC) during its sixty‑eighth session, as the Sixth Committee (Legal) continued its review of the Commission’s annual report.

28 October 2016

The protection of the environment was increasingly becoming an important concern, both on the international stage and in the disputes brought before the International Court of Justice, the President of that body told the Sixth Committee today.

27 October 2016

Approving four draft resolutions relating to the report of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the Sixth Committee (Legal) today reaffirmed the important role of that body and its work, before continuing its deliberations on the report of the International Law Commission.

26 October 2016

As the Sixth Committee (Legal) continued its consideration of the first cluster of topics from the International Law Commission’s annual report, including “Protection of persons in the event of disasters” and “other decisions and conclusions”, speakers, in a heated debate, tackled the complex matter of subsequent agreements and subsequent practice when interpreting treaties.

25 October 2016

As the Sixth Committee (Legal) continued its debate on the first cluster of topics from the International Law Commission’s report, speakers, while in general agreement on the topic “Identification of customary law”, raised questions over some of the specific language contained in that chapter.