Sixth Committee

10 November 2017

As the Sixth Committee (Legal) concluded its seventy‑second session today by taking action on eight draft resolutions and one draft decision, delegates highlighted the existence of divergent views on one draft text, while extolling the importance of consensus-building.

6 November 2017

After approving two draft resolutions addressing the effects of armed conflicts on treaties and a request for observer status for a fund supporting indigenous matters, the Sixth Committee (Legal) capped off its penultimate meeting of the current session with delegates reflecting on how best to improve the Committee’s working methods, especially its scheduling.

3 November 2017

After hearing the oral reports of two Working Groups, the Sixth Committee (Legal) approved without a vote two draft resolutions and deferred a request for observer status.

2 November 2017

The committee charged with providing an open forum for delegations to bring their concerns about relations between the United States as host country and the United Nations community had tackled matters of immunities awarded to mission premises and travel restrictions on diplomatic staff, its Chair told the Sixth Committee (Legal) today, as it took up that body’s report.

1 November 2017

As the Sixth Committee (Legal) concluded its debate on the third and final cluster of topics from the International Law Commission report today, delegates called for further clarification regarding the topic, “Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts”, as well as on “Peremptory norms of general international law”.

31 October 2017

Moving into the third and final cluster of topics from the report of the International Law Commission, Sixth Committee (Legal) delegates stressed the importance of identifying and developing norms of international law, while staying true to State practice.

27 October 2017

The trust that States placed in the International Court of Justice was vital to the future of international jurisdiction and the very nature of the Court’s work, the President of that body told the Sixth Committee (Legal) today.

26 October 2017

As the Sixth Committee continued its review of the International Law Commission’s report, delegates completed the first cluster of topics from the report and commenced their consideration on the second, tackling the complex nature of the immunity of State officials, as well as the legal aspects of the protection of the atmosphere.

25 October 2017

Amidst its consideration of the report of the International Law Commission, the Sixth Committee (Legal) today approved two draft resolutions concerning the report of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and the Model Law adopted by that body.

24 October 2017

As the Sixth Committee (Legal) continued its consideration of the report of the International Law Commission today, delegates delved into the topic, “Provisional application of treaties” and the related draft guidelines, spotlighting the legal differences between treaties that were provisionally applied versus ones that were in full force.  (For background, see Press Release GA/L/3554).