Meetings Coverage

3 December 2019

While nomadic herding has peacefully existed for centuries, the traditional practice is now facing increased pressure in West Africa and the Sahel region due to reduced land, scarce water, climate change and the proliferation of illegally armed groups, delegates told a joint meeting of the Economic and Social Council and Peacebuilding Commission today.

3 December 2019

Years of urgent, unfinished business in Iraq — and a resulting “crisis of confidence” among its people — have culminated in civil unrest and the deaths of more than 400 people since October, said the senior United Nations official in the country today, as she briefed the Security Council on the latest developments.

2 December 2019

Delegates in the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) today criticized the Secretariat for the recurring delays and cost overruns enveloping the complex billion-dollar enterprise resource planning project — known as Umoja — as the Organization faces increasing fiscal constraints that are jeopardizing its delivery of mandates.

27 November 2019

Concluding its programme of work, the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) today approved 14 draft resolutions, including one expressing concern that proceeds from offences under the United Nations Convention against Corruption have yet to be disposed of in favour of the requesting States parties.

27 November 2019

Delegates cautioned against record levels of violence in Afghanistan despite recently held presidential elections, as the General Assembly adopted its annual resolution on the situation in the country, and also filled vacancies in several of its subsidiary organs.

27 November 2019

Speakers called on Israel to respect international law and halt its illegal settlement activities, amid strong objections from others to unilateral moves by the United States in the region, as the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People met today to observe the International Day of Solidarity.

26 November 2019

Testimony from victims of terrorist crimes in Iraq — including mass murder, abductions and sexual slavery — is now steering the work of a newly operational United Nations investigative team, its chief told the Security Council today, while also outlining a range of forensics and other tools being used to build cases against perpetrators.

26 November 2019

The Second Committee (Economic and Financial) today approved 28 draft resolutions, including one emphasizing the urgent need to combat protectionism in all forms and rectify trade‑distorting measures inconsistent with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

26 November 2019

The General Assembly today concluded its discussion on the question of equitable Security Council representation with speakers echoing the need to adapt to new and emerging global challenges by boosting the organ’s transparency, legitimacy and membership. (For details, see Press Release GA/12217.)

25 November 2019

The Security Council risks losing legitimacy unless it reforms and expands its membership to include developing States, particularly from Africa, delegates told the General Assembly today, with many stressing that intergovernmental negotiations, held over nearly 20 years, must now bear fruit if the United Nations “most important” body is to emerge strong and effective from a bygone era.