Economic and Social Council

18 March 2019

Data collection must represent the lived realities of all women and girls, the Commission on the Status of Women heard today, with an interactive discussion highlighting the importance of data disaggregation to ensure visibility and access for marginalized groups.

15 March 2019

Pay for care work, adequate funding for health care, cash transfers free of conditionalities, and safe public transport are essential for advancing the rights of women and girls, the Commission on the Status of Women heard today.

14 March 2019

Fostering further gains to broaden opportunities for women depends on strong political will and working closely with civil society and other key stakeholders, Ministers and other high-level Government officials told the Commission on the Status of Women today as its sixty-third session continued.

13 March 2019

Taking stock of 25 years of achievements in women’s empowerment, Governments, members of civil society, private sector and the media, today discussed challenges and progress made in implementing the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, in the third day of the Commission on the Status of Women.

12 March 2019

Harnessing the private sector, tearing down silos, recruiting men as allies and incorporating gender into social protection policies are among many ways in which Governments can advance gains for women in a manner that brings benefits to all, the Commission on the Status of Women heard today.

11 March 2019

As pushback against women’s rights around the world threaten to reverse hard-won gains, conviction and political courage must drive forward progress and build on achievements, high-level speakers pledged at the opening session of the sixty-third session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

21 February 2019

The Commission for Social Development, acting by consensus on the final day of its fifty-seventh session, decided to forward three draft resolutions to the Economic and Social Council for adoption — including one focused on harnessing the potential of tax policies, wage floors and safety nets to combat inequality.

19 February 2019

A more inclusive and responsive approach is needed to support families, as they are the fundamental social unity of society, the Commission for Social Development was told as it concluded the general debate of its fifty-seventh session.

14 February 2019

The Economic and Social Council decided to change the theme of its 2019 session to “Empowering people and ensuring inclusivity and equality”, bringing it into line with that of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development — one of three decisions taken in a day that also featured elections to various subsidiary bodies.

14 February 2019

Investing in quality education and decent work is among the most effective ways to spur inclusive socioeconomic growth and reduce poverty and inequality, delegates said today as the fifty-seventh session of the Commission for Social Development continued.