18 August 2021
8837th Meeting (AM)

Adopting Resolution 2589 (2021), Security Council Calls on Governments to Protect Peacekeepers, Requests Creation of Online Database Cataloguing Attacks

The Security Council today called upon Member States hosting or having hosted United Nations peacekeeping operations to take all appropriate measures to protect United Nations mission personnel, requesting the Secretary-General to establish a comprehensive online database of attacks against them.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2589 (2021), the 15-member organ called upon host States to promote accountability for the killing of — and all acts of violence against — United Nations peacekeeping personnel, while also recognizing the need to enhance support to help these countries address impunity.

Further, the Council called on host States to work with peacekeeping missions to enhance the safety and security of mission personnel, including in line with resolution 2518 (2020), and to take all necessary measures to investigate such acts, and arrest and prosecute perpetrators.

In seeking these measures, the Council requested the Secretary-General to include updates — in his reports and comprehensive annual briefing — on progress by Member States in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crimes against peacekeepers, and measures undertaken to promote accountability within their domestic justice systems, consistent with applicable international obligations.

The Secretary-General was also asked to include updates on measures taken by the United Nations to follow up on cases and support the efforts of Member States towards facilitating accountability.

In particular, the Council requested the establishment, within the existing budget, of a comprehensive online database of crimes against United Nations peacekeepers, accessible to concerned Member States, including host States, troop- and police-contributing countries, and countries of nationality of civilian personnel.  The tool would also include information on capacity-building assistance offered by the United Nations to Member States and progress they made in bringing to justice perpetrators of such crimes.

The meeting began at 10:04 a.m. and ended at 10:07 a.m.

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