1 October 2021

Building Resilient Societies Critical Step towards Achieving 2030 Agenda, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Resident Coordinators

Following is the text of UN Deputy Secretary‑General Amina Mohammed’s video message to the United Nations Common Guidance on Helping Build Resilient Societies, for the United Nations Resident Coordinators Office Learning Path and the Learning Package on the United Nations Resilience Guidance, today:

Around the world, people’s abilities to cope with threats and adversity are being pushed to their limits.  The impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic, together with the climate crisis, environmental degradation, conflicts, disasters and other crises, have resulted in a decline in global human development for the first time in 30 years.

Hunger and poverty are on the rise.  Economies are shrinking.  Inequalities have become yawning chasms, as the richest profit while ordinary people struggle to get by.

The United Nations system has a key role to play in reducing systemic risks, as a convener and catalyst.  Building resilience creates hope for a brighter and safer future in which crises are proactively prevented and managed.  This saves lives, protects livelihoods and contributes to the well‑being of communities, societies and ultimately, our planet.

The United Nations Common Guidance on Helping Build Resilient Societies offers country teams concrete suggestions on how to integrate resilience‑building into all analysis and planning processes.  I urge you to examine and apply this guidance and to help Governments and partners do the same.

Building resilience depends on teamwork and common goals across the development, humanitarian and peace sectors.  It requires strong collaboration and coordination both within the United Nations, and with Governments, civil society, private sector and others.  Decisive action to build resilience is a critical step towards achieving the 2030 Agenda [for Sustainable Development].  I look forward to your valuable contributions.  Thank you.

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